Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Crown of Anavrea Book Trailer


Available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my website. Any comments are welcome.


lastnerve said...

Beautiful video. Some of the pictures seemed blurred but the close up of eve was absolutely beautiful and I would definitely read this book based on the trailer alone. EXCELLENT job!


Miss Mae said...

Fantastic! Well done! :) Haunting, beautiful music! :)

Read To Review said...

This is great, really makes ob=ne want to set down and read without stopping. I will be looking to read it

Larry Hammersley said...

Well done Rachel. You certainly are putting out the novels. I wish you well and will get better acquainted with you at Sweetest Romance. I don't have a published novel yet, just short romance stories. Larry

Larry Hammersley said...

I'll try posting again, Rachel. Your trailer is great. The members of the Sweetest Romance group are so good at this sort of thing. I've yet to do that. You certainly have lots of novels in the works. I've only got short romance stories on the web. I hope to get better acquainted with you via the group. Larry