Monday, June 15, 2009

Dreaming Story Ideas and an Old/New Story

I am not one to dream anything useful. I know some writers dream stories and, upon waking, rush to catch the flighty magic of the ideas on paper before they whisp away. My dreams are rarely coherent enough to help when I am stuck in a plot conundrum or struggling with a stubborn character. However, my old/new short story "The Call" is an exception.

Many years ago, more that I would like to admit, I took a class called Composition 1 at the local community college. I was new to the college classroom, fresh from high school, and eager to make good in this new institution. Our first assignment was to write a narrative paper. Sitting down at the computer, I wrote down a dream I had recorded earlier. With a little reworking, the dream became a short page and a half paper, simple and sweet. It earned me an A without any revision. I tucked the paper away in my writing folders to be dug out a few years later when it made an appearance in you collection of writing snipits.

Well, about a month or so ago, I was looking through my old files and stumbled across the story again. Thinking that it would be perfect to submit to a free website I have been wanting to support, I sent an email off to the owner, Liz. I was thrilled when she emailed back that she loved the story. However, she wondered if I had ever written more. Her suggestion got me thinking. Why not see if there was more to the story somewhere in my head?

I sat down, fully intending to throw some ideas down. A few hours later, I realized I had written two more sections and the story still didn't feel complete. I quickly whipped an email off to Liz explaining what her suggestion had started. By the time she emailed me back, I had a five part story ready to send her.

So, although the first part of "The Call" is based on an old dream I had when I was still a teen, the rest of the story is new, written by the older, and hopefully wiser, writer of today. I hadn't intended on adding to my old work, but apparently the Lord had other plans. If you would like to read a story over a decade in the making, stop over at and look for "The Call" by me, Rachel Rossano. I would be very interested in hearing what you think of it. Only the first chapter is up on the site, but there are more to come.

- Rachel Rossano

PS Feel free to explore the site too. Liz Delaney has put together a great site with a lot of interesting stories.

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