Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am back!

Life is still stressful and overfull, but I am decently sure that I can squeeze some blogging and writing time in the cracks now. My thoughts are definitely turning back to my writing. I find myself planning the next chapter of Wren's story and itching for an intense plotting session for Ethan & Mariah. Yes, I haven't forgotten them either.

In fact, I have the potential for more direction in their story. I was reading a Regency Mystery Romance and realized that I was writing a mystery into Ethan & Mariah. All of you who have been reading their story have probably realized this a lot sooner than I did. So much for planning and plotting. I have discovered that I am going to have to do a ton more pre-work to get the story moving forward again. A vague idea isn't going to cut it this time. Don't worry, I am not planning on going back and rewriting the beginning chapters that have already been written in this draft. I am just going to have to do some brainstorming and outlining before I write the next chapter. This Regency novel idea is going to be chock full of firsts for me. My first historical novel and my first mystery novel. Oh well, I did want to try new things. :)

Wren is also looking promising. I have plans for a plot twist in the next chapter or so, and I am eager to get my fingers on the keyboard to start writing it. Hopefully, Lord willing, I will get a page or two done today.

On the editing front, things are moving slowly. I have gone through chapters one to six of The Servant of Anavrea with my writing group with few major changes (a good sign), but I haven't really spent any time with either of the other two novels (The King of Anavrea and The Reward). I really need to get moving on them too. Also, I need to get my hubby to get reading all three. Though, I can't blame him. He has his hands full with all of his responsibilities. However, nothing is going out the door to a publisher without his approval, which he can't give without reading them first.

Then there is the promotional front. The hardest aspect of writing for me. I have come across some really great ideas. As long as I can remember everything, we will make it.

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On that note, be sure to stop by and look for my book trailer for The Mercenary's Marriage (#14). Voting starts on August 21st, tomorrow, and I would love it if you would vote for my trailer. Thanks. :)

Be the interviewer:
Also, I am opening up the opportunity for all of you to ask any of my characters or myself any question you would like. You can ask about anything within the realm of good taste. Ask about a character's background, appearance, favorites, family history, or just about anything you would like. Also, you can ask me about any aspect of my writing or publishing history, habits, plans, or dreams. Post it in your comment, and as long as the question is in good taste, I will endeavor to answer it in a future post. This is your chance. If you ask the right questions, you might even learn something that hasn't appeared in a book to date.

Thank you for all your patience.

- Rachel Rossano


Michelle R said...

"The Servant of Anavrea with my writing group with few major changes"...

What about the Aunts and the way you got Lora into Seth's employ? Have you figured out that conundrum yet? :-)

Rachel Rossano said...

Yup. I had it all come down to a nosy, gossipy farmer's wife. :)

From chapter two:
"If only that nosy farmer's wife had kept her distance and her business to herself. He could not blame Lachine for trying his best to keep them all under the radar with a story about a gentleman language specialist. There was no way he could have known that the news would have resulted in this. Seth strode over to the bell pull and rang it hard for Quinn."

What do you think?