Friday, September 25, 2009

Interviewing Brice

Greetings this is Saria Jane, Character Interviewer here on Rachel Rossano's Words, coming to you from inside the walls of the Kiylin, the fortress and home of King Jenran of Braulyn. At the moment, most of the area is deserted because of the battle happening outside the walls. However, I was able to track down Darius’ wife, the beautiful Brice and she has promised us a few moments of her time to discuss her situation and her husband.

*A slight young woman with curling, dark brown hair carefully picks her way down the steep stairs from the upper floor of the house. Her movements are slow. When she lifts her face to greet us, the reason why becomes apparent. A dark bruise ringed with the yellow hue of healing mars the skin above her right eye. As she crosses the floor to the table where Saria Jane sits, she favors her left leg and holds her torso unusually stiff. Finally, she eases herself onto the bench across from Saria Jane.*

Saria Jane: You don’t look so good. Are you sure you are up for this interview?

Brice: *weak smile* I am feeling much better today. What do you want to know?

Saria Jane: We were hoping you would be willing to discuss your husband and your unusual marriage. We spoke to him a while ago and he told us how you met. He didn’t mention you were injured.

Brice: A few days ago, while he was defending the king, one of the enemy tried to hurt me. I fell from a horse attempting to escape. Darius rescued me before the villain could do any harm.

Saria Jane: It must be nice to be married to a man capable of protecting you.

Brice: Yes, he is a great warrior. His comrades certainly think he is. Until today, I wasn’t sure that was such a good thing in a husband, though.

Saria Jane: Why?

Brice: Have you ever been beaten?

Saria Jane: No.

Brice: I have, and the thought of all that muscle and skill… *she shivers and then winces*

Saria Jane: I see what you mean. But you said you fell from his horse. He hasn’t hurt you, has he?

Brice: *shakes her head* Not yet. Karyn says he never will. So, does the king’s healer.

Saria Jane: And you?

Brice: *lifts green eyes to meet Saria’s gaze* I don’t know. Part of me wants to believe he isn’t capable of it. He has been unfailingly kind since we met. But, I have known so many who have only been kind to earn my trust before hurting me. They were the cruelest of my tormentors. *her eyes fill with tears* I wish I knew for sure.

Saria Jane: Having met Darius only recently, I know I am not the most reliable judge, but he seems like an honorable man. Give him time to prove it.

Brice: *smiles weakly* I will.

Saria Jane: Thank you for answering our questions, Brice. It has been a pleasure meeting you.

Brice: You, too.

Saria Jane: *turns to the audience* This has been an interview with Brice the heroine of The Mercenary's Marriage available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, or directly from the author herself, Rachel Rossano, at her website, Thank you for joining us and come back next time for an interview with another character from one of Rachel Rossano's exciting books.

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