Monday, September 14, 2009

Reviews, Interviews, and Fun

Laura Fabrini of Library of Clean Reads has made my day again. She reviewed The Mercenary's Marriage and did a wonderful job. I was delighted to read her last lines.

"...I found the simple yet powerful message in this short book refreshing. Through the characters, we are taught the value of such traits as honour, compassion, justice and meekness—a quality often misunderstood in today’s selfish world that fails to realize it takes far greater strength to be meek than to be a brute. Rossano’s stories remind me of some Bible accounts where, despite the lack of details, the characters and their stories are memorable and remain with us for a long time."
- Laura Fabrini on the Library of Clean Reads

That is truly high praise indeed! Thank you, Linda. I hope to continue to live up to that in future books. :) *happy dance*

On the interview front, I have been a busy marketeer. ;) If you want to find out more about me, how I write, and my advice for new writers, stop by Laura Fabrini's Nouveau Writer blog and her interview of me. Also, coming this Friday, Sarah M. Eden, a spectacular author of Regency Romance is going to interview me on her site as part of her "I Need More Friends Friday." Her interviews are always fun and bit random. I am looking forward to getting to know her better. :) I will post a link on Friday.

On a different note, I shall be working with Saria Jane to get another interview posted soon. Does anyone have an interview guest request? A favorite character perhaps? Secondary and tertiary characters are also allowed. Saria Jane has quite a knack for finding anyone and cornering them for a few questions.

- Rachel Rossano


Miss Mae said...

That's fantastic, Rachel! What wonderful words from Laura! Congrats!

Larry Hammersley said...

A great review Rachel. I concur and think I said as much when I reviewed your story too. Larry