Monday, January 24, 2011

Name that Character Contest

As some of you know, I am rewriting The Theodoric Saga with the intention of publishing them as a set.

The Crown of Anavrea -

Running from the King of Anavrea, Labren final reached the end. Wounded, weary and ready to die, he surrenders to his injuries in a convenient forest and lays down to die. However, Eve has other plans for him. Risking her life and reputation to save him, she nurses him back to health. A man of honor, Labren acknowledges her sacrifice and offers her a marriage of protection. But can he protect her from his past?

The King of Anavrea - (Previously known as Ireic)

Ireic Theodoric, King of Anavrea, needs a wife. Choosing to protect his country, he pursues a political marriage with Sardmara's only princess. However, arriving for the wedding, he quickly discovers he has been misled. Lirth might be everything he wants and what his country needs, but she is definitely not what the nobles want. Taking a stand for his and his country's benefit, he marries her despite them all. Now that she is his, can he keep the decision from tearing apart his beloved country while he earns her love?

The Reward - (Previously known as Liam)

Liam Tremain served his country with valor, did great service to his Queen, and was honored and rewarded for his loyalty with a title and lands in the far north. Upon arriving to survey his newly acquired reward, he discovers the situation is nothing like what he had been told. The local midwife, a strong minded young woman with a house of mysterious children, is hiding more than she is willing to admit. Somehow her past intertwines with his future. Will Liam discover how before his loses his heart or she loses her life?

The Servant of Anavrea - (Previously known as Lora)

Seth Theodoric, a man of many names, doesn't know what to do with the foundling dropped on his doorstep in the middle of the night. He can't just turn her out without protection. However, life with him has never been safe. Manifesting hidden talents, Lora quickly becomes a valuable asset, integrating into his cover. Then the mission begins to fall apart. Can he fulfill his goals and still protect his team, especially the woman who is slowly stealing his heart?
Each of the above will go through an extensive process of editing, rewriting, and expansion. The expansion part is where you, the readers, get involved. These stories live in you almost as much as me. Some of you have been at the beginning, reading each chapter as it appeared on Xanga or Blogger, others first encountered the Theodorics on the page with a paperback copy of The Crown of Anavrea. No matter how you encountered them, I want to offer you a chance to add to the story.

One of the many changes to the books is going to be the inclusion of a new character, Eve's brother. I am working on including him or at least mentioning him in all four books. He needs a name and you get to name him. You also get the opportunity to win an autographed copy of the original The Crown of Anavrea to keep or give away.

MEET Eve's older brother -

Born seven years before Eve, he looks out for her as best he can. With blonde hair and green eyes, he looks like Eve's brother. Bronzed by years of hard work in the harsh sun (can't tell you what he has been doing, though), his powerful build makes up for the fact he doesn't quite reach six feet in height. Fiercely loyal and protective, he has spent his whole life working toward earning his freedom and then his sister's. Finally accomplishing his goals, he returns to find Eve gone, stolen away in the night by a stranger that no one can name. He immediately sets out to find her and free her from this newest form of slavery.

Rules of the Contest:

Here is how to participate:
1) Sign up to Follow this Blog (if you are already a follower, you can skip this step)
2) Comment on this post and tell me A) How you met the Theodorics  B) Which of the above books you are most eager to read AND C) Your suggestion for Eve's new sibling's first and last name
3) Watch for the announcement of the WINNERS (Yes, you heard right. There will be TWO winners.)

First WINNER will be the one who suggests the name I choose.

Second WINNER will be randomly selected using from those who enter the contest.

If none of the names strike my fancy (which I doubt will happen), I will select both winners with

Have fun, just comment before January 31st 2011!


Brittany Simmons said...

Cool, Rach! That is such a neat idea. I wish I could win, but I suck at coming up with creative names. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky though and something will occur to me.

Rachel Rossano said...

Come on, Brittany. At least try. :)

narellew said...

I THINK i just subscribed to your feed .... not sure.
*blink*...its a Narelle thing.
I first started reading your stories years and years and decades and centuries ago when i came across your Xanga site and just after a while just couldnt keep my yap shut and HAD to comment. That was when you were like, half way through Lora? Because of this, I would LOVE to read her story again.
Ok, as far as the brothers name, i am thinking: Elleran (because i am so self centred) Karzin

Narellew said...

Ack, i am still trying to work out how to use this thing so if i leave multiple comments, please bear with me!
I met Lora first when i had been surfing the net for free christian novels. After a very short time i ended up joining xanga, because i just couldnt keep my yap shut and had waaaaaaaaaay too much to say about everything. Sorry bout that ;)
(Sadly for you, this is also why i just joined blogger .... i feel for you, truly i do!)
For this reason, its Lora who i would love to read again!

As far as the names are concerned, I am thinking:
Elleran Gurion (Of lion-like strength, or the place of God.) Eldave
Elleran (because i really AM this self centred) Zergon
Traherne (Of iron strength)Thoron
Some first names:
Erland (a foreigner, a stranger)
Fingal (the fair stranger)
Frayne (old french:an ash tree, old english: stranger)
Dwite (means white, fair one. he could have the added burden of being an albino?)
Eurwyn (Fair and golden)
oh and the last one because it is just really interesting:

Meaning: Strong wolf. In Irish legend this was the name of the son of Cuchulainn who was slain by his father. A separate character in Irish legend was Conall Cernach the son of Amorgin, who competed for the right to carve the roast at a feast.
Origin: Irish, Irish Mythology, Scottish

There you go hon, something to chew over for a while ;)

Katherine said...

I found your website from a link on Journey of the Heart's webpage, and I got hooked reading the first 10 chapters of Lora.
Mmm, for a name Ergyle Lebonan. No attached meanings, just a random name. :)

Katie said...

Hey Rachel! I made lists of first names and surnames for Eve's brother. I'm looking forward to reading the revised versions of your books!

First Names:

Rory (Rorey)
Gabek (Gabe)



Sarah said...

Hey Rach!

I think I first heard about your books from church..and then read your Xanga and fell in love :) And I am most looking forward to Zez's sequel even though she's not part of the Theodoric Saga. So I have been thinking and thinking of a name and the only one I thought of that stuck was the name Ethan. I don't know why and it's not very creative but Ethan and Eve have a nice ring as brother and sister. Though Ethan sounds you have another character named Ethan?

Rachel Rossano said...

Hmm... I don't think I have an Ethan yet.

Rachel Rossano said...

I was wrong, Ethan is one of Seth's names, but that doesn't completely disqualify it. :) Seth is Eve's son afterall. :)

Brittany Simmons said...

I remember that you were one of the first people I met when I stumbled into xangaland after my friend Alicia made me an account. Who found who, I don't know. All I know is that you were really nice, and you were a real author who actually had a book, and I was so impressed. And I remember ordering a copy of The Crown of Anavrea from B&N and my dad picking it up for me while he was out one day, and I take this book out of the bag and hold it and look at it, and look at the back and see a picture of my friend, and feel so proud that I KNOW this person. It was cool. And the book was great.

My name submission: Justus.

Katie said...

Whoops! I didn't comment to fulfill the other requirements. Sorry, I wasn't even thinking about those. So here goes.
Though I can't remember it, I first heard of the Theodorics from my sister. I can't imagine I heard of the series any other way. :P Also, I have to say that I'm most interested in reading The King of Anavrea, even though The Crown of Anavrea is my favorite, because it's the story I remember the least about.
Okay, I think that's it. Good luck with your stories, Rachel!

Paroma said...

I'm late, I know, so I'm not competing. Just wanted to put in my two cents.
Name: Ahrid, Evere or Ithran

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you all for your contributions. You have given me plenty of names to try out with many different characters in stories to come. :)

Paroma: I am glad you offered some names although your entry was late. I especially like Evere. :) I will have to use it someday.