Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Winners!!!

The Winners of the Name That Character Contest





Yes, you read that right. There are three winners instead of two. Katie suggested the first name that I picked, Sarah suggested the last name, and Katherine won the random drawing. So, winners please contact me through my email and let me know where I should send your prize: an autographed copy of the the original The Crown of Anavrea.

Now the real reason for all the pomp, the naming of Eve's older brother...
Drum roll please...
Bada Bum!

I would like to introduce you all to...

Ruarc Ethan

He will be exploding onto the page in the next release of
The Crown of Anavrea.
Stay tuned for a sneak peek at his intense first scene with Labren and
more contests.


Bethany said...

As soon as it is all finished and for sale let me know so I can buy a copy. P.S. I love the name!

Bethany said...

I just went on Amazon.com to look for the original printing and it is going for $109.30 used. Yikes!

Rachel Rossano said...

I am still selling my stash for $12.00 on my website: http://anavrea.webs.com/apps/webstore/.

Katie said...

I like the name too. ;) I like how you tied Seth's name, Ethan, into the story.

I can't get the link to your e-mail to work, so I guess I'll just e-mail you using the e-mail address of yours I have (I hope it's still current).

Sarah said...

I love the name Rach! His first name is so interesting and unique. I had to sit there and sound it out though ;)