Monday, March 14, 2011

Fish Water for Dinner

Fish water (pasta in tomato sauce) for dinner. As three-year-old describes it: "the fish (the pasta) tries to swim away in the water (the sauce) and I catch it and eat it." He came up with the name himself. His imagination amazes me.

I know it is very silly to be comparing my writing to fish water, but I am going to anyway. If the fish/pasta is my inspiration/concentration and the water/sauce is my writing time, my fish is suffocating in air and when it does hit water, I starve because I can't catch it.
Part of the issue is I have received some critiques from other writers on my work, an essential part of the writing process. I am encouraged by some of my critters, however, others are not as uplifting. Some readers were confused, and others got lost. Everyone has an opinion on how the plot should go and I have to come to terms with the fact that I can't please everyone. Of course, I already know I cannot entertain and engage every person who reads my writing. That is why I write for a specific audience.
However, the fact that some do not like what I write still hurts. I long to please people, an inclination I have to fight sometimes. I think everyone has that part of them that wants everyone to like them. But reality is, not everyone will like everyone else. Here I expose my insecurity. *sheepish grin*
In crowd the worries and out goes my muse.
It will return. I just need to give it some time.
Back to topic. This is all to say: I haven't gotten much writing done. Wren is ready to pin me to a wall with her throwing knives and Tourth is threatening much worse. Besides them, Labren, Eve, Myah and Ruhan are all clamoring for editing. (Myah and Ruhan are my SF short story characters.) Characters demanding that their stories get edited is a new experience for me, probably because I am not much of an editor. I am working on that.
So, now that I have rambled at you for quite a bit, I come to the final conclusion. Due to family obligations (three cute distractions in my children) and elusive inspiration, my writing and editing efforts have been delayed. Just thought I would warn you, explain why, and reassure you that I am still moving, at the rate of a snail. 
Hopefully this confession will get things moving faster. :)
- Rachel Rossano

So, what makes your muse flee?


Brittany Simmons said...

Haha, I thought "fish water" was some archaic British term when I started reading. What a funny little bunny you've got there.

I, too, belong to the race of people pleasers. It gets me into all kinds of kettles of fish in areas besides writing. But with writing, I feel like I have to get whatever it is I'm writing to the point where I, personally, am satisified with it before I allow others to critique it, and we all know that never happens, right? ;-) But I hate when other people point out something that I can see as plain as the nose on my face is wrong, I just can't figure out how to fix it.

Sarah said...

Aww rachel no worries!
i dont think i could find inspiration among three adorably cute kids either. i would be very distracted. take your time. the writing world can wait. i simply adore your writing :)

Kendra Blanton said...

Be anxious for nothing but in all things pray....condensed a little, but my point is He will give you inspiration. You have been blessed with your little ones and they need you now more than your readers. I am personally missing your writing, but your other "work" is so important.
Don't worry - give yourself time to enjoy this time now with your children. The inspiration will come and the writing will flow again.
Take care of yourself too!