Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Writing and Crisis

I have rediscovered something about myself in the past week: when I am stressed about something I don't want to think about, I write. My father had open heart surgery last Wednesday. We found out he needed a valve replacement only a few weeks ago so the news was still fresh when he went in with chest pain and found he would need three to four bypasses as well.

As a Christian, I know that all things are in the Lord's hands. This faith, instilled in me since childhood by my parents, has been tested many times. I underwent surgery on my eyes at ages four and five and suffered epilepsy during childhood. In June of the year I was five, I took this faith to heart by committing my heart to the Lord. He took it and I have never looked back. His, the Lord's, sovereignty has always been a comfort for me, especially in times like these. The faith He has given me has never wavered. But, oh, how hard it is to leave things in His hands and not worry.

My solution this time has been to write like crazy. You ask me how this helps? It keeps my mind busy and distracted. It is hard to dwell on those things I have brought to the Lord in prayer and left there when I am busily planning the next scene or the next plot point. I still spent many hours in prayer for my father and my family out in the Midwest while I am here in northeast. But once the prayers have covered all possibilities multiple times, I have poured my heart out to the Lord and placed it all firmly in His hands, I know I need to leave it there. I need to trust and not worry. So, I write.

An anthology opportunity dropped in my lap (Thank you, Lord) before the surgery: a science fiction romantic short story 5,000 to 15,000 words. I immediately had an idea for a side story connected to Living Sacrifice involving Clovis. Unfortunately, that didn't work out. Instead a story seed that has haunted me for years yet refused to take form no matter how I tried finally fleshed out in my head. I wrote like a mad woman. Over 8,000 words later, I think I have a decent short story. I am not as confident about this one as some of the other projects. The main reason for my hesitation is because I am not an experienced short story writer. I have only written one Science Fiction piece before and it is a whopping big novel. However, the short story has been sent out to my favorite editor, Charissa Taylor, and I am eagerly waiting for the chance to discuss it with her.

Next, I have plotted and begun the end of Wren's story. The tension is winding up for the climax. There is peril galore, tension, impending doom, and all the great things that a climax needs. The challenge now is to get the budding romance between Tourth and Wren to come to satisfying fruition before the end. We shall see. As long as nobody gets stubborn or ornery, I might pull it off. :)

Finally, The Crown of Anavrea revision project! Yup, that one is next up for attention. I am hoping to dive into rewriting today. If all goes well, I will be into the second stage of editing of the second third before the end of the week when I have to return to Wren for another chapter. :) We shall see if everything goes as planned.

My dad's surgery went really well. He is still in ICU, though, because of various issues that keep popping up. I know God has a reason for it all. If nothing else, each day he remains in the hospital is another day of healing and recovery, praise the Lord.

- Rachel Rossano


Bethany said...

My response is the opposite. Since I have no talent for writing, I read. I have no money for new books so I have re-read a book a day off my bookshelf for the last week. Some days it's two books. It's all about the escape into another world and someone esle's worries.

Brittany Simmons said...

You're interesting.

I like you.

Rachel Rossano said...

Bethany - I am just the same. If I wasn't writing like a mad woman, I would have my nose in a book or watching a movie.

Brittany - Thank you. :)