Thursday, April 28, 2011

Uncooperative Characters

Wren Romany's 21st chapter is up...finally. This chapter has been fraught with surprises, at least for me. Who said that a writer's life is boring? ;)

First, Wren decided to be minimalistic (not totally out of character). She summarized slipping out of Orac's camp, a night of travel, and getting into Hawthorne's fortress in five paragraphs. I was a tad stunned, not necessarily displeased. I had hoped to do something along those lines, but I anticipated a bit more resistance from her.

To make up for her compliance, Tourth turned stubborn. Instead of going directly and efficiently in the direction of the coming battle, he pulled everything possible to stall: swapping war stories, discussing the ridiculousness of Hawthorne's defenses, and deliberating picking an arguement with Portan.  Lord Portan wasn't supposed to be in the scene anyway. He burst in and refused to leave before he said his piece which wasn't that crucial anyway. *rolls eyes*

Finally, to really throw me off, King Orac suddenly decides (for very logical reasons) that he will not enter Hawthorne's castle. The confrontation will instead take place in a meadow outside. This is perfect for him and the surprise coming, but it is totally not what I expected. Ah, well, I shall have to adapt because I think he is right, the confrontation should happen out in the open. Now I have the problem of getting Wren there after all her effort getting inside the walls.

Since I have the beginning of the next chapter started, I am hoping I will be able to get to the crux of the climax soon, but who knows. For the one who is supposed to have all the answers, I am finding myself feeling a bit clueless these days. The good news is that I am enjoying the anticipation of the unknown right along with the rest of you.

So, please stop by Wren's blog and admire the end result of all my mental gymnastics. Also, look for the questions at the end of the chapter. I would love to hear what your answers and any other comments you would like to make. :)

Thanks for listening to me argue with the characters in my head.

~ Rachel Rossano

Question: If you are a writer, do you talk to your characters? If you aren't a writer, does the fact that writers talk to their characters seem strange to you?


Debbie said...

"Do my characters talk to me?"
Interesting question, I'm never really thought of it like that. I guess you could say it depends on how deeply I am into the writing process, or whether you are personally too close to your characters.. That is, whether you can relate to them and the situation they find themselves in. That can be a problem though too because you might have trouble writing past a certain chapter because you are not past the situation yourself..

Take your pick! Either way, it's definitely makes writing an adventurous task.

Looking forward to your next e-mail and post, Debbie

Literaturelady said...

I do indeed talk to my characters! Or...more accurately, they talk to me. One character in particular shows up and gently berates me when I begin working on a story other than his own. He's right to do this, but I usually respond with an irritated, "Yes, I know; I'm not forsaking your story, I'm just getting notes down for this one. Now go away." It's awfully rude of me. But thankfully, my character is patient. :-)