Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Update and A Laugh

I should give the update first.

The science fiction short story is sent to the publisher. *crosses fingers and prays* Hopefully she will like it and it will fit with the anthology she has planned for this summer.

The Theodoric Saga editing is moving forward. My best friend, Charissa Taylor, came to visit for a few days. Per usual, she has given me some great ideas on what to do with Ruarc. Now I just have to write them down.

Wren is stalled at the moment. The climax is giving me fits and not cooperating. I will be devoting some time to untangling the mess in my head. Hopefully that will get it moving again soon. I can't believe it is almost finished.

And the promised laugh... One of my favorite authors (I have so many) posted a great little story on her blog a while ago. I revisited it and wanted to share the laughter.


- Rachel Rossano

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