Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Introducing Wren Romany

I just finished a new chapter in Wren Romany's saga. For those of you who have not met her, she is worth an introduction.

Sixth born of the Romany clan of nine children, she is the third daughter. While many of her siblings struggle with their faith in the Almighty God and Creator who they refer to as Deus (Latin for God), she is relatively secure in her faith. She works through the usual struggles of a daily walk with the Lord, but she isn't shaken in her belief that God is holy, omnipotent (all-powerful), omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (everywhere present) and just. Her personal story isn't one of a struggling faith, but of a quest for family.

Driven from her home and family by circumstances beyond her control, she throws herself into her work (hunting animals and criminals) and forges a life on the road. For a time, she is content with her horse (Brone), her falcons (all seven of them), and the wilds of a Medieval-like setting to explore. However, she eventually realizes the loneliness of her existence and seeks out a home for the winter, which is when her story begins.

She attracted me from the first because of her confidence. Wren is not a woman who shies away from a challenge. She faces life without frills or doubts (almost). Confident in her God and her abilities, she willingly admits her short comings.

She has her flaws. She can be too cold, too blunt, too harsh, and occasionally impulsive. She struggles to temper that with kindness, not always successfully. She is not an inherently feminine woman. The skills a woman would usually cultivate, she does not have use for. She can cook (a necessity of traveling by oneself) and sew a simple seam, but that is about it. More comfortable around men, weapons (preferable throwing knives), and animals, she tends to feel uncomfortable with the trappings of womanhood, especially fancy dresses.

Not an outwardly beautiful woman, she has a strength of character that is unusual and hopefully attractive. I hoped to explore the inner depths of her strength and her influence on those around her. A strange premise for a book, but there it is.


1) If you have been reading Wren Romany's story, how would you describe her?
2) If you haven't read her story, would you be interested based on this description?

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