Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing with Character Names

One afternoon during my few minutes of down time from motherhood, I spent some time naming the cast of characters for my next project. Yes, I should have been writing Wren's next chapter or editing the final third of The Crown of Anavrea. However, I was stalled on both projects and inspired on this one.

Besides, character names are important. Wren wouldn't be Wren if she were called Janice or Annabella. Wren fits her character and who she is: resilient, optimistic, direct, plain, but beautiful in an understated way.

I admit that I don't always put much thought into character names, especially secondary or tertiary characters. Those I tend to pull off the top of my brain, picking a letter I like and a few sounds that strike my fancy at the moment. Keilvey is product (victim?) of that technique.

Since this new project is loosely based on a fairy tale, I had even more fun than usual with the character names, adding layers and foreshadowing. I am curious what you think of my cast to date.

Ursa Keir

Orson Kent

Bethanna Speranza

Palmer Osborn

Dunizi Vanna

Willow Aure

Ivo Aure

Jesimae Aure Wendall

Savannah Aure

Philana Aure

Can you spot the hero and heroine in this list?
Can you guess the fairy tale based on these names?

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