Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wren's Beginning

I see the end of a manuscript as the beginning of the character's life. To some extent my characters live in my head. Their stories are mini biographies, records of periods in their lives. Like our lives, they are not confined to the page. So, when I write the close of a book, I am not saying farewell to the character forever. It is only farewell for a time. I will revisit the record of our time together (the manuscript) for editing, tweaking, or simply my own enjoyment. I do write for my own entertainment, you know. ;) But while I am reworking my presentation of our shared past, my characters are preoccupied with their future: squabbling, making up, having kids, raising kids, balancing family and work, all the things real people do on a daily basis. Someday I will catch up with them, scribble down the bits of memory they want to share, sometimes even a book worthy story. We will have time to visit then like old friends, richer for the time apart.

So, although I am posting the final chapter of this Wren Romany story, she is off on new adventures and enduring new trials. I only hope that someday our paths will meet up again. :)

Come and read Wren Romany's final chapter. I would love to hear what you think of this entry in the record of her quest for family. Don't worry I am not putting her on the shelf yet. I still have to write her for-the-published-copy-only epilogue before I set her aside for a bit. The words need to settle and the ideas age before I go back and start editing. :)

- Rachel Rossano

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