Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Five Star Review and a Free Ebook Giveaway!

Jennifer Kitchens gave The Mercenary's Marriage a five star review!

It really sucks you in and brings you along on an adventurous ride.  Brice is a sweet character with courage and a tender heart.  Darius is a noble man, though definitely a warrior.  Their sweet romance is tender and realistic. 
I love her observation about Darius. I also appreciated the quote she chose to open her review, a favorite of mine as well.

"You are man and wife before God, king, and man.  May it be a blessing and never a curse."
So, now you are asking, what about that free ebook? Stop by her giveaway page, follow the rules, leave a comment, and you could win an ebook copy of The Mercenary's Marriage.

I hope you enjoyed this little commercial. ;) Come back on Saturday for a sneak peek at my SF short story coming out soon.

- Rachel Rossano


the1940mysterywriter said...

That scared the crap outta me, Rachel. Let me know when the story's coming out, okay?

Rachel Rossano said...

Thanks, Gunnar. Will do. :)