Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Publishing News!

Exchange is making its ebook debut October 1st on Smashwords and Amazon!

A Science Fiction Short Story

Isolated on a distant planet, she is incarcerated for a crime she doesn’t recall. She has no name, no idea where she came from, or why she is injected with drugs daily to hold these vital facts from her grasp. Despite small rebellions, she wastes away, worn and losing hope of ever being whole again.
Then he arrived. Claiming to hold the answers burned daily from her brain, he offers her a way out. But at what cost?
The trailer is on YouTube. You can read excerpts here and here. Stop by this Saturday for another.

I am eagerly watching for the cover designer's email. :)

Now to update you all on everything else I have been doing.

- Since the last update, I have received the final comments on The Crown of Anavrea from my beta readers. I still haven't gotten around to going over them (planned on doing it today, but other things came up), but I will have that done soon.

- I have begun editing The King of Anavrea (Ireic and Lirth for those of you who have been around a long time). There is a long way to go since it is over 50% longer right off, but hopefully I will move smoothly and swiftly considering it was more recently written.

- I finished off another short story. Inspired by the image on the left, it is a Medieval tale of a young woman at the mercy of her cruel half-brother. He betroths her to a man she hasn't met, but she still clings to the hope for a man who will love her in Word and Deed. I am still working on it. :) I plan on sharing excerpts on coming Saturdays.

- In other news, I have been tackling other projects like a book cover and a book trailer for some clients. I am hoping to have more similar come my way. Learning new things and producing things that help others has been a great experience.

To sum up, stay tuned. Exciting things are on the horizon. :)

- Rachel Rossano

Question: What do you think of the cover for Word and Deed?


Literaturelady said...

Word and Deed sounds exciting! But to be honest, when I first saw the cover, I wondered if the woman was a villainess. I think the problem is with her eyes and maybe the way she's holding the sword. It's an good cover, though; it would definitely get my attention in a bookshop! Off to watch Exchange's trailer now...

Rachel Rossano said...

Hmm... That is an interesting impression. I will definitely ponder it for a while. :)