Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Sample Excerpt

Exchange is science fiction short story scheduled to debut later this year. It first began as an image in my head nearly a decade ago. Enjoy.

            Darkness enveloped me completely. I breathed stuffy blackness in labored pants, struggling to tolerate the closeness. Cottony, the warmth threatened to suffocate me in a billowing blanket of malevolence.
            I hated when I woke early.
            The sensors glued to my forehead and scalp screamed to be scratched, but the arm bands made that impossible. I mentally clawed for something to fixate on, anything other than the inching six walls trapping me.
            Why they called the box a dream suite I don’t know. I never dreamed and it only barely contained me. Six by three by two feet, it was built to contain one average sized human. One of thirty stacked like drawers in one wall of the ward. I supposed I should have been thankful that I was a below-average-sized humanoid. Sometimes I managed to ignore the walls because I wasn’t constantly in contact with them, only the padded pseudo-bed beneath my back. However, no matter how I strained, I couldn’t truly believe they didn’t exist.
            With a soft hiss, jets of cold air bombarded my naked feet signaling the waking time. The weight on my chest dissipated slightly in the cooler air, but in its place nagged the raw instinct to tuck my freezing feet closer to my body. I couldn’t bend my legs far enough. The knowledge degenerated into panic. Hysteria edged in just as a hum and jolt warned me to check that my eyes stayed closed.
            Another whirling hum, jolt, and sucking whoosh later, piercing blue light assaulted my face as my chamber drew out of the wall into the ward. Arm restraints retracted into the sides.
            “Down, female, 7682R.” 
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- Rachel Rossano

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Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) said...

I have never read sci-fi so this sample was intriguing to say the least! Love the last line.

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, Jennifer. This is my second attempt at science fiction. The first is a novel that I haven't edited yet and needs a sequel. I want to get back to the novel someday soon.

Wanda Luce said...

Wonderful, Rachel. I was inside that box with her. Hope I don't dream about it tonight, though. Excellent!

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, Wanda. :)

diannehartsock said...

What? That was a terrifying way to wake up! Is she a prisoner? Or is that the way they have to travel on a ship? I'm intrigued! Nice excerpt.

Here's mine:

Rachel Rossano said...

Thanks, Diane. :) She is a prisoner who doesn't know why she is imprisoned.

Lindsay said...

Interesting scene. Not one for closed in spaces I could feel for her

Jaimey Grant said...

I started to feel a bit panicked there. Great job! I look forward to more. hint, hint :OP


Marsha Ward said...

I thought she might be on a ship too. Intriguing, Rachel. Thanks!

Rachel Rossano said...

Lindsay, I wrote from my own fears. I hate tight spaces. *shiver*

Thanks, Jaimey, that was exactly the reaction I was hoping for. :) More will be coming. I am still working on details with my publisher. :)

Thank you, Marsha. :)

Sandy Nachlinger said...

I'm claustrophobic and this was difficult for me to read ... which means you did a really good job. Scary.

Miss Mae said...

Oooh, I loved this! I want to read MORE!!! Great stuff, Rachel. Maybe you should seriously branch off into SF! :)

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you Sandy and Miss Mae. I think I will feature it again next week. :)