Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Sweet Saturday Morsel

This Saturday's excerpt is from my coming re-release, The Theodoric Saga - Book One: The Crown of Anavrea. Eve, a slave girl with an abusive master, discovers a wounded fugitive on the brink of giving up hope. Choosing to not look the other way, she helps him to shelter. Now she has to return to face the consequences of her decision to help a stranger.

            Darkness crowded out the last light when she finally left him. He still shifted restlessly on the bed, but she could do nothing more without supplies. As a final step before leaving, she removed every weapon on his person. She doubted he would use them, but she wanted to be certain.
            First, she returned to the berry thicket. The pail lay where she dropped it. A sheathed knife lay next to a nearby tree, hidden in the grass until her toe found it. Taking these with her, she headed for her master’s house. Fear rose up, threatening to override her determination.
            “He must have food, warm blankets, and medicine or he will die.” 
            She said the words once aloud, but their essence pushed her forward through her fear. Each step still took great effort. Finally she stood before the aging edifice of her master’s house. The sagging roof, broken shutters, and overgrown doorstep offered little reassurance of a welcome.
            Kurios, give me strength, she prayed before unlatching the back door and entering.
            The kitchen glowed with weak light from the banked cooking fire as she slipped through the opening. Her master, Mridle, waited for her with his strap and fist.
            “Where were you?” he demanded. “I had to eat supper out.”
            Eve closed her lips tightly and straightened.  She dropped the pail and knife among the boots and then turned to face her punishment.
            “Not going to tell me, brat?” Mridle wrapped the whipping strap around his fist. “We shall see about that.” 

Come back next Saturday for the rest of the scene.

The Crown of Anavrea is currently with my beta readers, publishing date hopefully sometime next year. For more excerpts and blurbs, visit my website.

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Jenna said...

I like the way Eve is portrayed as knowing she's going to receive punishment, but doing the right thing anyway. Especially thinking about what else she needs to do for the wounded person while heading towards her own disaster. Great character insight. Great sample.

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, Jenna. Eve's quiet strength is vital to her character. :)

Lindsay said...

I can't wait to see how Eve's master gets the beating he deserves

Rachel Rossano said...

Thanks, Lindsay. :)

Jessica said...

Oh, this is going to be a good story. It was such a snippet that made me purchase the Mercenary's Marriage. I had to know what happened!!!!!

Have a lovely Sunday, and thank you for sharing your stories!


Rachel Rossano said...

Thanks, Jessica. I see I need to give more of these kinds of excerpts to drive up sales. ;) Unfortunately you will have to wait a bit before this one is available.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday too. :)