Thursday, November 10, 2011

Opening Lines and the Winners!

Thank you all for submitting your opening lines. I appreciated the variety and quantity of the submissions, so much potential!

Here are the submissions:

It was early Monday morning when I died - gunned down in my own house on 223 Chesney Street. - Corey
Silence will speak, darkness will shine, and the dead will rise. - Corey
"He's my Mexican cabana boy, a warrior of God, my love and my best friend." Christi said with a half grin quite content with her explanation. - Katie
"You have got to be kidding me," Liseth whined to everyone and no one in particular. - Katie
Nights like this were the most beautiful of all, the stillness, the peace, it wouldn’t last, but how delectable a treat for here and now. - Katie 
The moonlight cast eerie shadows along the ground as Jada lay in wait for her long lost love. - Alyssa
Harvest time had finally come. - Alyssa
How could everything have gone so wrong? - Alyssa
As she was in the parlor in great distress, mother calmed her fears  - Rachel
When the night began to fall I shivered to think about what was to happen - Rachel
When we saw what was under the Christmas tree we ran excitedly to Mom and Dad. - Rachel
What could send him/her running away in fear like that? - Sophia
Of all moments, he pick this one to step on- no, jump all over and crush- her tender heart. - Sophia
When informed of the unlooked for arrival of her sister, she stared at the ceiling and pictured Floridians preparations for an imminent hurricane. - Sophia
As she walked along the lonely road with cornfield's on both sides, she contemplated on what to do about this latest dilemma. - Lynn
The day had begun bad, became terrible, and ended worse. - Abigail
"The red one is mine," he said. - Abigail
"I know you have it, right there under that cloak, and I intend to take it." - Abigail
To stand on the edge of a cliff and know you are going to jump, to feel the twisting of your own stomach at the inevitable choice; is akin to when you are standing on the threshold of either the best or the worst choice of your life. - Morgan
A shadow crept out of a house. Clinging to the mottled darkness that was cast by the city torch lights, Reya moved quietly away from the city.  - Hosanna
It wasn't exactly the best idea I ever had, but I sure didn't think it was the worst. - Katherine
She could feel the darkness like a living thing, growing ever stronger, pressing her more closely ever second that she lingered, waiting to hear her fate. - Katherine
It was the mist that did it, floating in off the sea in haunting eddies, bringing to mind that black day which he had spent the past six years in trying to forget. - Katherine

With so many great lines, I had a very difficult time choosing. As it is, I might use more than one as I write. They will just appear farther along in the story. (If I end up using your line, you will get a free copy of the ebook along with the winner.)

The winner is...
"The red one is mine," he said.

The plotting shall commence. :)

Thank you all for participating!
Rachel Rossano


Brittany Simmons said...

Some of those are pretty intriguing. The one you chose jumped out at me as well. Also the other one from Abigail about someone having something under their cloak.

Corey P. said...

Congrats to the winner! :)

The Director said...

(This is Abigail, by the way.)

Oh my goodness, you're kidding me. I was reading everyone else's submissions, and thought, "Oh man, there's no way I even ended up anywhere the top. But wow..... I'm so surprised! Thank you so much!

Everyone else's are amazing..... in fact, I'm going to track down a few of the other participants and ask for permission to steal....

Can't wait to see how this story turns out! :)

Katherine Sophia said...

Congrats Abby! :D And yes, there are so many intriguing ones! :) I really like your 2nd one, Corey! And also your one about the bad-terrible-worse day, Abby. :D

Rachel Rossano said...

Congrats, Abigail! Yes, it was incredibly hard to pick one of them because there were so many great ones.

Thank you all again for participating. I really enjoyed this one. :)

I am excited to see what I come up with to match.

Corey P. said...

@Katherine: Thanks. It sorta just popped into my head out-of-the-blue. Sounds like the opening to a zombie story... a writer's brain can be a scary place sometimes. :D

The Director said...

Actually, I was wondering if I could obtain permission to steal your first line for a screenplay.... is that okay? (I totally understand if you say no ;) It sounded so cool and got my brain going... :)