Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome back for another sweet sample for your Saturday. Today, I grabbed a moment from Myah's head. She is beginning to get some of her memories back.


After a pause, waiting for the floor to settle into place, I raised my head. My dark shadow sat across from me, keeping the slab of metal between us. His large hands clasped each other where they rested on the surface. The muscles of his wrists corded with the strain of his grip.
“What happened back there?” I ventured a glance at him. Lips pressed tight, he sat with eyes closed.
“Eat.” The clipped syllable hit me in the face.
I blinked. Something was wrong. I didn’t know what, but…
A massive wave of memories washed over me. I held a child. The warm softness of her head, the smell of her olive skin, the silk of her hair against my cheek, and the deep pleasure of holding a small, vibrant life in my arms filled my chest. Then it was gone. Moisture flooded my eyes. I closed my eyelids trying to keep the tears back.
“Eat. You need your strength for what is ahead.”
“What is ahead? You seem to know so much. Why? What don’t I remember? I don’t understand.” A sob almost escaped. I clamped my mouth shut. He looked at me with sympathetic eyes. It wasn’t helping. I didn’t want sympathy; I needed answers.


Will she get all her answers?

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Rachel Rossano


melyndaprice said...

Great description of her memories.

Sandy Nachlinger said...

I love your description of holding a child in your arms. Beautiful.

Lindsay said...

I love how you describe the child she's holding.

mirriamsmyth said...

I could picture the child from her memory. Great descriptions of her baby and of her reaction.

Anonymous said...

Overwhelming Column, All my gratitude

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