Monday, December 5, 2011

Name that Character Contest

Yes, the time is now. I have a character and she needs a name. Instead of falling back on my old basics (baby name websites and random sound combinations), I am asking for your help.

The details...

- Entries will be accepted 12/5/11 - 12/9/11.
- Offer as many entries as you want in the comments.
- Please state origin of the name and meaning (if known).
- Include your email in your comment so I can contact you to tell you about your win and give you your prize. - I will post the winner(s) on 12/10/11.

The prize...

A choice of any one (1) of my current ebooks for free.

If you have all of my published books or are willing to wait, you may choose one of the coming ebooks. At least three are planned for sometime in 2012.

Should you win, I will extend to you a special dispensation. You can be part of the special group of people who know more about them than everyone else. I might even show you the book trailers. :)

Sound worth the effort of thinking up some names? I hope so. :)

The character...

An only child, she is strong, independent, and loyal. Orphaned before she turned one, she grew up in her wet nurse's household. Loren, the wet nurse's daughter born the same year, grew to be a best friend, a sister by other parents.

Orwin, this woman's cousin, inherited her father's title and lands. He provides for her welfare, but only barely, keeping her out of sight in the smallest village on the edge of his domain.

Her most obvious physical feature is a mane of wild, red hair. Tall, leggy, but not willowy, she is more of a warrior than a woman who depends upon her feminine wiles. She tends toward practicality and action, making do with what fate hands her and fighting for what she believes is right.

The story...

She will be the heroine of the new short story (still untitled) with the opening line, "'The red one is mine,' he said." Her hero will be a man named Lord Irvaine.

She needs both a first and last name. 

Have fun.

If you have any questions, just ask. :)


Audra said...

Ailo Jaymes? The first name was my grandmothers first name :) I just thought Jaymes went well with it.

Rachel Rossano said...

Oh, that does sounds like a good one, Audra. :) If I don't use it for her, I might use it for another character. :)

trojanwalls said...

I was reading your post when the name of the commentor/comment-maker (?) above struck me as one that would suit the face you posted for us perfectly.
So my first suggestion is : Audra.
I'll go away now and think up a few more. :)

Aly Mae said...

Ashling- Meaning: From aislinge which means "a vision" or "a dream," Aisling is the name given to a popular poetic genre from the 17th and 18th centuries in which Ireland is personified as a beautiful woman in peril.

Brielle- Meaning: A shortened form of the name Gabrielle

Fallyn- Meaning: In charge.

Kelsi- Meaning: Brave.

Mave- Meaning: Joy

Assana- Meaning: Waterfall.

Hope these help. I love Irish names. :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Irvanna..Do not know how I came up with that :)
Rachel Morelli

Bethany Vallerie said...

Seonaid- Gaelic, meaning Gift from God.

Avelyn- Unknown.

Murie- Gaelic,French, Meaning unknown.

Brinna-Irish, Gaelic, Celtic, Meaning Little Drop of Water.

Kenna- Gaelic, Meaning unknown.

Sarra- Hebrew, Meaning Princess

Brona- Irish, Meaning Sorrow.

Iliana- Greek, Meaning Trojan.

Evelinde- German, Meaning unknown.

Averill- Old English, Meaning Boar Battle.

Christiana- English, Meaning Follower of Christ.

You know my email :)

Bethany Vallerie said...

Murie can also be used as a last name as a variation of Murray.


JoAnna Gommesen said...

Katya--Form of Katherine
Nika--Greek meaning "victory."
Svetlana--Slavic, meaning "bright light."
Solaris-- Of the Sun
Corvina-- Raven
Willow--From The Willow Grove
Calida-- Hot
Kalama--Flaming torch
Akiko--Sparkle, Bright , Autumn

Jessica said...

The name that comes to mind when I see her picture is: Aubrie - which means elf, magical being, or power. None of which I am terribly fond of but that is what comes to my mind.


Aubrie Madisyn

Madisyn - meaning daughter of a mighty warrior.

Just some thoughts!

Thank you for sharing your brilliance!


Rachel Rossano said...

So many good names. I am going to enjoy choosing. :)

In fact, I have used some of them already. :) Mave is very close to Maven, the heroine of "Word and Deed." Willow is the heroine of "White Bear." Myra is very similar to Myah, the heroine of "Exchange."

Thank you, all of you. Also, thank you, Jessica. *blush* I appreciate the compliment.

The Director said...

Can I please vote for the Brielle suggestion? I like it :D

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you all for your participation. :) You have offered some great options that I might steal for other characters later. :) The selection made it very hard to choose.

Stay tuned tomorrow morning for the reveal. :) Thank you.