Thursday, January 5, 2012

Old and New Plans for 2012

I am finally grabbing a few moments to record my writing goals for 2012. These lists inspire and excite me, but they also keep me grounded. Besides, I hope you like knowing what is on my agenda for the year.

Word & Deed - (short story, Medieval, romance, mystery, suspense) This one is in editing. I am halfway through the first round of hubby edits, then it is off to the editor. Once the final draft is polished, only a few steps will remain before release. I already have the cover and book trailer close to completion.

Diaspora - (short story, science fiction, prequel to Exchange, romance) This one awaits editing. Cover and book trailer are also close to completion but the editing is waiting until W&D and hubby's schooling is done (April). I am plannning on trying to move it along faster, but we shall see. I already have a lot on my plate.

The King of Anavrea - (novel, sequel to The Crown of Anavrea, romance, fantasy, intrigue, politics) In editing I have barely begun. Part of the problem has been solved, now the issue is time to spend on it. Don't worry, Lirth is pestering me. She wants to talk and I want to catch it on the page. Ireic waits patiently, but I fear his patience is reaching its limit. I want this one to hit shelves by the end of the year.

Wren Romany - (fantasy, adventure, romance, Medieval-ish, part of The Romany Epistles) I am almost ready to send this one to the editor. Yeah! Do I hear cheering? :) I need to finish my read through first. I am not as in control of when this one will hit shelves, but I am optimistic that it will make great strides in that direction before the end of the year. I am beginning to contemplate cover ideas for it and all the other Romany novels. :)

Duty - (short story, adventure, romance, Medieval, set in the world of The Theodoric Saga, started out as an opening line competition) Brielle has gained her name and three chapters (4,125 words). I have plotted out seven more scenes up to the climax. As per usual, even I don't know the ending. What I do know is there are two villains. Romance, betrayal, and resolution will come and hopefully Brielle and you (the reader) will fall in love with the hero, Lord Irvaine along the way. So, my goal for the year for this one is to get it written. I will be elated if I get into print too by year end. Don't worry, Abigail, I shall finish. :)

The White Bear - (contemporary retelling of East of the Sun West of the Moon, romance, inspirational) This one simply needs to get written.

Ethan & Mariah - (Regency, romance, historical, mystery) Their story is another one of those I need to pick up and write. They keep haunting me.

Projects for others - I have to read/edit Justin and Aiden for Charissa Lees. I have three book trailers lined up for Joyce DiPastena. I hope to have the first finished before the end of the month (hopefully sooner).

Promotion - The ever looming task that most authors fear, me included. Yet it must be done. :)

Unwritten ideas floating about my head -

In another prequel for Exchange, Myah & Ruhan struggle to conceive a child while relations between the Diaspora and the Earthwarders strain beneath rumors of selective murder on Earth of those carrying the mutated gene, the Diaspora Gene.

Then there is the sequel to Exchange, Ramend's story. That one is a bit fuzzier, but I am looking forward to finding a woman to knock Ramend off his overconfident feet. She is out there, I just haven't found her yet. :)

I still need to write at least one, possibly two more flash fiction bits to finish off Svhen's story from Blond Stranger and Tragedy.

It looks like it is going to be a very full year. :) I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Which projects are you most eager to read and why?

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