Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sweet Saturday Samples - Word and Deed

Welcome to my Sweet Saturday Sample post. To catch some more samples go here.

Thank you for stopping by. This has been a big week for me. I added another year to my age and I released a new short story. For Sweet Saturday Sample regulars, you might recognize the title. The cover and the heroine's name changed, but in essence the story remains the same.

Now for a new sample of Word and Deed.


“You are weak, Verdon. You kill like a woman!” I glared at my half-brother.

His narrow shoulders tensed. A hush fell over our late father’s great hall. The dog lying before the hearth groaned loudly.

Sick with anger and helplessness, I gloried in his reaction. He condemned me to a living death, marriage to a man some considered unsettled. Still I could evoke fire in my frigid sibling. I knew his soft places where the words would sting most. Rage prodded me on.

“Your mother would writhe in her grave if she saw the slovenly murderer she brought forth. It would be better for her if you never lived.”

“Hush, Verity, hush.” My old nurse’s hands trembled where they gripped my arm. Ealdine served more as a companion now that I reached adulthood.

She had good reason to cower. My cheek still stung from Verdon’s last loss of composure. Wisdom urged me to let go of the burning emotion in my gut. Yet the anger demanded I rant or sob.


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Blurb -

Death or an arranged marriage, Verity refuses to accept the choices.

Verity Favian's father dies unexpectedly. Her half-brother, Verdon, lays claim to all their father left behind: title, castle, and her. Verdon cannot touch the land set aside for her dowry so he offers her hand for sale to the highest bidder. Lord Silvanticus, a man renowned for his military power and close ties to the king, makes the winning bid. Despite the rumors of Silvanticus’ madness and cruelty, Verdon accepts.

Verdon locks her away in a tower. She is not sure if he seeks to prevent her from fleeing the marriage or spreading the truth only she seems willing to speak: Verdon killed their father. Either way, her time is running out.

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Lindsay said...

Seems like Verity is playing with fire, the way she challenged her brother

Miss Pickles (alias Sandra Allen) said...

Happy birthday! Loved this line: "I knew his soft places where the words would sting most."
ALL siblings know this to be true.

Leah said...

Wow! She has guts. Sounds very good!

Rachel Rossano said...

Thanks, Miss Pickles. :) As the eldest of four, I completely agree. I am glad you like the line. :) It means a lot to know what strikes a cord with the readers. :)

Thanks, Leah. Yeah, Verity definitely has guts. She is a woman of few fears. I really like how she uses her anger to feed her purpose and get past the few fears she does have.

Marsha Ward said...

"You kill like a woman"? Yikes! What a compelling line. Thanks, Rachel. I HAVE to go buy this story now.

Rachel Rossano said...

LOL Thank you, Marsha. I hope you like it. I would love to hear what you think of the story and the characters. Please let me know. :)

Joyce DiPastena said...

The same line that Miss Pickles liked jumped out at me too: "I knew his soft places where the words would sting most." All of this sample is very compelling. It definitely makes me want to read more!

Rachel Rossano said...
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Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, Joyce. :) It means a lot. I really hope you like it when you read it.

Jennifer Lowery (Kamptner) said...

Like the heroine already! Wonderful sample!

The Director said...

Happy Birthday!!! :D :D :D

Dave P Perlmutter said...

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Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, Jennifer. :) I fell in love with her from the first line. Of course, it was a different one in the first draft, but you know what I mean. :)

Thank you, Abigail (The Director). :) You will be happy to know that Brielle is doing well and promising to be as difficult as all my best characters are.

She just threw me a curve ball and fainted when I still had three events to happen before the end of the scene. I am going to let her get away with it though. She had a good excuse, lack of food for a whole day. :)

Rachel Rossano said...

Yes, Lindsay, Verity definitely is playing with fire. :)

Sorry about approving your comment so late. It seems to have gotten lost between posting and my email. Blogger doesn't always do what it should. :)