Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome back for this week's Sweet Saturday Sample. The selection this week once again comes from my current WIP Duty. This selection falls earlier in the story than the wedding scene. Dialogue can be so much fun to write when the characters interact like these two. The selection is from Brielle's perspective.


His scrutiny made me want to squirm.
“I am nothing like my cousin, my lord. I do not scheme or plot. I have lived the simple life of a peasant. My hands bear callouses from laboring alongside the humblest in our village. I am not a delicate woman to be cossetted.”
“I can see that.”
I lifted my chin. Men frequently took exception to my size and direct manner. Bracing for a biting summation of my lack of virtues, I met his regard.
Instead he smiled. Well, not really. It was more of a lift to the left side of his mouth, as close to a smile as I had seen so far. The slight change warmed his eyes. My stomach fluttered strangely. Looking away, I grasped at my train of thought.
“I am not the kind of woman a rising noble should have by his side.”
He stepped closer. The smell of leather and dirt filled my nostrils. He was two hand’s breaths from me.
“I am not a noble.”
I opened my mouth to protest the obvious, but he stalled me by raising his hand.
“I am a soldier, a man accustomed to grueling marches, meager fare, and long, cold nights sleeping in the dirt. Alive by the strength of my sword arm and the speed of my feet, I need a wife who can stand at my side, not cower behind me. The more I know of you, the better suited you appear, my lady. Should you have me, I would willingly take you to wife.”
“You are giving me a choice?”


Are you interested?

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Tmonique Stephens said...

I am definitely interested. I don't read alot of historicals anymore, but this looks really good. Please let me know when you publish. I would love to buy it.

Sarah Ballance said...

Wow, this is QUITE the exchange! I love these two already!

Lindsay said...

This is a wonderful scene with more left unsaid than said by both.

sue said...

Yes these two characters are quite the pair. Nicely done!

Sandra said...

I loved the "sound" of their conversation I heard in my head as I read this! Well done!

Katherine Sophia said...

That was definitely intriguing, and certainly makes me want more. :D