Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome back!

Today's Sweet Saturday Sample is from a unpublished novel titled Living Sacrifice. The reason for the selection is a picture a friend of mine posted on Facebook a few days ago. It reminded me of this scene from early in the book. The POV is Zezilia Ilar and it occurs shortly after they meet for the second time.

***Note*** Italicized words in quotation marks are mind to mind communication which comes with a taste depending on the sender (speaker).

Photo credited to Alyssa O'Keefe (used with permission)

            “Come, enough of work.” He led me back to the path. “I have yet to show you my favorite part of the gardens.” I trailed him along the paths that wound among the shimmery cool pools of the water garden.
            When we reached the other side where the manmade streams emptied into the riverbed, he instructed me to close my eyes. Willingly I did. He took my hand and with gentle coaching led me a ways downstream. The breeze coming off the water rustled something around us and occasionally a feather-light wisp would brush my hair.
            “Stand right here,” he instructed.
            “Can I open my eyes?”
            “Not yet. Wait until I tell you.” I waited, sensing that he stepped back and away. Just as I began to wonder if he was playing a trick on me, I felt him brush my mind. “Now.
            I opened my eyes and gasped. I stood in the midst of a canopy of draping fronds. Green and feathered, they danced gracefully in the breeze, skimming the water at my feet and whispering. Flickering through the curtain, sunlight flecked the ground and water in lazy patterns. Sinking to sit on the bank, I leaned my head back so that I could see the branches, gnarled and twisted high above.
            “Beautiful, isn’t it?” he asked.
            I glanced around, but he was nowhere in sight. “Where are you?” I asked aloud.
            “On my way to the palazzo. I just received a summons. Master Silas needs me. Enjoy the willows.
            “Thank you,” I whispered.
            “You are welcome,” he replied and then suddenly he withdrew. I sat in the freckled sunshine and savored the rich taste of his sending on my tongue. Someday I would put a name to that taste.


I know I didn't give enough hints, but just for fun. Can you guess his taste?

I hope you enjoyed. For more sweet samples, return here.


Sandy Nachlinger said...

Beautiful setting -- both in your words and in the photo you posted. I love your clever idea of having a taste accompany a mind communication. I'd have to read more to give an opinion as to your hero's taste.

Lindsay said...

The photo helps to bring the words to life.

Jennifer said...

Your description of the setting was wonderful. I loved "sunlight flecked the ground." Would love to be in that photo!

J. Gunnar Grey said...

Beautiful description. ...chocolate?

Rachel Rossano said...

Yes, J. Gunnar Grey! :) Chocolate. ;)

Kendra Blanton said...

I miss Zez and Hadrian!!

Rachel Rossano said...

Me too, Kendra. I am resisting the temptation to pull them out and start on the sequel. I have too many others who need my attention first. But, as you can see, they are not far from my mind.