Monday, March 19, 2012

A Revealing Interview, a New Book Trailer, and Other Updates

Whew! What a month! February was a month of sickness for us. I am delighted to report we are all healthy again and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

My greatest accomplishment this month has been creating a new book trailer for Joyce DiPastena. Her Illuminations of the Heart kept me enthralled the whole way through. If you enjoy clean medieval romance, her books are a joy to read. :)

In my recent review with Indies Umlimited, I revealed my greatest challenges as a writer. I would be honored if you dropped over for a visit.

Writing Endeavor Updates

Diaspora - (short story, science fiction, prequel to Exchange, romance) - Plotting, plotting, and more plotting to come. The wisest move would have been to keep plotting, but my characters had other ideas. I added slightly over two thousand words to the manuscript and landed Myah and Ruhan in the middle of a huge situation. I am not sure who is the villain or how they are connected to the whole political situation on Domestica. It is safe to say, I need to do some serious plotting before I let my characters talk me into more writing. (current word count = 12,755)

Duty - (short story, adventure, romance, Medieval, set in the world of The Theodoric Saga, started out as an opening line competition) This story has taken off in so many ways. Standing at nine chapters and over eighteen thousand words, Irvaine and Brielle's story doubled in size this month. The more Irvaine reveals of himself, the more I like the guy. I think he is growing on Brielle too, especially since she is stuck with him. The story has been taking some surprising turns. I have a fourth villain, a second one from Irvaine's past, who insists on playing a part in the plot despite my arguments that three villains are enough for any story. Irvaine seems more concerned about this guy's timing than his antagonism. I have some serious plotting ahead to get all four of these guys' efforts coordinated enough to have a cohesive story. (current word count = 18,142)

Wren Romany - (fantasy, adventure, with a dash of romance) Wren has been sitting on my shelf too long. After a few tweaks, I plan on sending her off to the editor. Hopefully by the end of today.

Now back to work for me. Hopefully March will be a productive now that I have more sunshine and warm weather to keep me moving. :)

Until Saturday,

Rachel Rossano

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