Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome back for another Sweet Saturday Sample. This week's selection is from one of my current WIPs, Diaspora (working title), a prequel to Exchange. Since it is a WIP, all of the section is subject to change and/or deletion (not likely at this point) from the final book. It also is a rough draft. Please pardon typos or errors. This is a continuation of last week's section, which can be found here.

(First person POV from Ruhan's perspective)


I crossed to the door and pressed the panel.

She appeared similar to when we last saw her. A head full of yellow curls pulled back conservatively from her forehead. A few more strands had sprung loose to coil near her ears and tightness about her mouth spoke of intense stress. Her simple gray tunic and pant set did nothing for her blue eyes. But their clear depths still spoke of an inner beauty. It puzzled me. I usually didn’t pay attention to Earthwarders except to assess how dangerous they were. Something yanked my attention to her whether or not I wanted.

After offering the standard greeting with disturbing ease, she extended a brown disk sleeve to me.

“Come in.” I motioned her to move past me.

With a wary glance at me, she complied.

I tapped the panel. The door slid shut. I reached out and brushed her left shoulder with the back of my finger.

The towa jolt took my breath away.

She dropped the disks with a yelp. Pivoting on her back foot, she confronted me, hands raised in a defensive position.

“What did you do?”

Ramend leapt to his feet. “Ruhan? Did I just see …?”

“This complicates things.” My heart rate resisted my efforts to slow it. She was too close. I stepped back. The door panels pressed against my shoulder blades.


What did you think?

The sequel, Exchange, is available on Amazon for 99 cents.

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Zanna Grace said...

I'm not sure how it complicates things, but I really like her reaction. She's an interesting character, to say the least!

Sarah Ballance said...

Wow, what just happened? Great intrigue here -- I'm definitely curious. ;c)

Sandra said...

Why is it that blue eyes always seem to have great depth? Great sample.

Tmonique Stephens said...

Intriguing, I liked it and it had me wondering.

Lindsay said...

Interesting. I wonder what's going on

Holly Michael said...

lovely writing!

J. Gunnar Grey said...

I don't entirely understand what's going on here, but I'm seriously intrigued. This spec fic world of yours doesn't take prisoners, does it?