Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stumbling onto Treasure

Do you remember Exchange? You know, the science fiction short story I published back in October of 2011.

Excerpts from Amazon readers reviews -

"If you want romance with some action in a futuristic society and only have a few minutes, this is a wonderful way to fill it."

"This engaging short story left me fascinated and wanting more!"

"I would enjoy reading more about the characters. I would be thrilled to read Ramend's story!"

"I would love to read more about these characters and learn more about this world that Rachel has opened up."

"This really wanted to make me read even more of this."

"I hope there is a sequel that delves deeper into this world. I would give that one a shot."

I got the impression I should write more. ;) The world of Exchange offers many more riches than I first expected to find.

I am working on a prequel titled Diaspora. I plan on delving into the beginnings of Ruhan and Myah's relationship as well as the history between the outwarders and the earthwarders. Unlike my other series, this sequel features the same protagonist. Myah narrates roughly half the story. I am enjoying spending more time with her, exploring her decisions and choices, the very ones that lead her to Exchange.

I am a character writer and reader. I appreciate and enjoy the other aspects of storytelling, but characters, people, draw my attention and focus. They pull me into the story. I want to know how they make decisions, where they came from, their history, their family relationships, and their preferences. However, my work also needs to appeal to a reader seeking more than just character. I need to make sure I answer those reader's questions as well.

If you have read Exchange, I would love to hear from you. What questions would you like me to explore or answer in Diaspora or Ramend's story (a sequel I plan to write someday)?

If you haven't read Exchange, I would be honored if you would. It is available for 99 cents on Amazon and Smashwords. Totaling under 10,000 words, it is a short story. Diaspora is promising to be much longer.

What pulls you into a story?

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