Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome to this week's Sweet Saturday Sample. I am obsessing about Wren this week. If you follow my Facebook page (, you probably caught a few of my favorite quotes from Wren's novel. This week's Sweet Saturday Sample will be more of the same. Written from Tourth's POV, the scene displays some of Wren's character from an outside perspective.


I turned back before opening the door. Wren was close on my heels.
“Care for a round of sparring?”
Her strange eyes cleared from worried brown to an amused amber. “Do you have an extra sword?”
I shook my head as I shoved the door. “I was thinking along the lines of staffs or cudgels, something that won’t kill you if I miscalculate.”
“Miscalculate? You should be a bit more concerned about me hurting you.” The wooden door closed behind her with a muffled thump. “Do you want to be disturbed?” She indicated the repaired bolting system.
“Lock it. Let them wonder if we are killing each other.”
The worn stone floor, spread with rushes, lay empty. An old trestle table dug out of storage rested against the far wall, and the newly-beaten tapestries adorned the walls. I ignored them. Now was not the time to dwell on the past. I needed to drive history from my mind, far from my mind. Exercising until I was too exhausted to think would numb the pain. It would distance the ache enough so I might progress beyond the inclination to kill the enforcer slowly with my bare hands. 
“Weapons?” Wren’s voice cut through my thoughts at just the right moment.
“Take your choice.” I indicated the rack of various implements next to the trestle table. Walking to the far end, I shed layers of clothing down to tunic and britches. “Are you sure you are up for this?” Discarding the last overtunic on the heap, I shivered in the frigid air. I welcomed the discomfort.
“Of course,” she said from right behind me. “On guard.”
A wooden club whizzed past my head. Striking the wall inches past my shoulder, it clattered to the floor. I stared for a second. Gone was the quiet, withdrawn woman I thought I knew. Hair wrapped around her head, stripped to her leather jerkin, shirtsleeves, and leggings, she moved like a sleek cat, feminine, yet deadly. Confidence radiated from her as she whipped another cudgel into her dominate hand.


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Sandra said...

Perhaps they should have used swords instead!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like this is going to be an interesting sparring match.

Marsha Ward said...

Ah! Very nice work, Rachel!

Marsha A. Moore said...

Seems like that match will take his mind off his problems more than he expected! Interesting characters!

Mirriam Smyth said...

Should be an interesting sparring match! Sounds like he underestimated her from the beginning!

Jenna said...

Looks like she's practicing to move up to knife throwing! I hope he's light on his feet. :) Great sample.

Rachel Rossano said...

LOL Sandra, I think someone would have definitely drawn blood if they had used swords.

Lindsay, you will have to come back next week to see. ;)

Thank you, Marsha Ward.

Yes, Marsha Moore, she will definitely do that. :)

Mirriam - Yes, Wren has some surprises up her sleeve. :)

Good catch, Jenna. Wren is well known in her world for her knife throwing skills.

Thank you all for stopping by and commenting. :)

Carrie-Anne said...

This sounds like it's going to be a very unusual sparring match!

Sharon Cullen said...

Excellent! Makes me want to read more.

Sandy Nachlinger said...

My co-author (Sandra Allen) left a comment above, but I'd like to thank you for commenting on our Sweet Saturday Sample yesterday. It's fun getting to know other authors and sharing our work, isn't it? We appreciate your feedback.

Rachel Rossano said...

Carrie-Anne, yes it does turn out very interesting. ;)

Sharon, I am so glad I hooked you. There will be more next Saturday. :)

Thank you, Sandy. I love that aspect of Sweet Saturday Samples the most. The glimpses of others' work and sharing in the writing journey.

Sarah Ballance said...

Ooh,this is so much fun! I love how the perspective shifts at the end. That "sleek cat, feminine, yet deadly" is almost breathtaking. I can really feel that in the excerpt. Fabulous!