Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update Time!

This year has been busy and there is much more in store.

Wren Romany just returned from the editor! I now have to work through all the little issues. When I glanced over the file, none of them looked too serious or difficult to fix. After working through them (on the agenda this week, Lord willing), I am going to spend some time consulting with the fearless leader of our Romany Epistles project (Rachel Starr Thomson) about the next steps and such. Also, My hubby will want to read the novel before it goes out into the world. I still need to polish the cover, format the inside, and pull together a book trailer.
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Duty is dominating my writing time these days. Irvaine and Brielle’s story frequently flies along, sometimes faster than I plan it out.

Diaspora continues to lurk in my subconscious. Ruhan and Myah keep talking out of turn. Their story is pressing to be told.

My other backlogged stories keep seeking attention. If only I had more time. *sigh* They will all eventually make it into print or at least ebook. Check out the new status bars at the bottom of the blog for the latest on your favorite of my WIPs.

A writing friend of mine (Joyce DiPastena) offers periodic new sentences from her WIP as she writes it. I liked the idea so much, I started doing it myself. Here are some of my #newsentence entries from the past three months.

New Sentence from February:
Memories of my father’s hands guiding my ten-year-old fingers into position on the bow brought tears to my eyes, but I willed them not to fall. - Duty

New Sentences from March:
Sunlight cascaded through the kaleidoscope of clear and tinted glass to trace an intricate pattern of light, shadow, and color across the tiled expanse below. - Diaspora

"Unlike us, her exile isn’t the ripping away of a hazy, dream of Eden. For her, all hope of ever treading a familiar lane of memory is gone." - Ruhan from Diaspora

If hatred could murder, the man at my side would have breathed his last then and there. - Duty

"Never assume an enemy simply hates." - Lord Irvaine from Duty

The indelible markers branded forever across his back spoke of a man who had fought his way through life. - Duty

Somewhere behind those searching eyes he still faced the world alone. - Duty

New Sentences from April:
“Oh?” He raised his eyebrows in obviously mock surprise. “Then what has your lovely brow all in winkles?” - Duty

Despite his mildly distracted expression as he examined the mortar of the wall to her right, the arm beneath my hand tightened like a bow string. - Duty

"We rubbed well together, but not closely.” - Duty

The three years since my father’s death seemed an eternity of hardship and toil, but when I lingered on the strength of my longing to see him again, his death felt like it happened only yesterday. - Duty

Do the new sentences tease your interest?


solagratiasolafide said...

I really like the status bars at the bottom of the page. I was disappointed not to see Lora's story on there...unless of course you changed the name and I missed that little detail :)

Rachel Rossano said...

Lora now goes by "The Servant of Anavrea." I wouldn't forget Lora and Seth. :)

solagratiasolafide said...

Phew! I was worried that you were going to leave me hanging. I was able to read the first few chapters online, and have been awaiting more. Do you know yet when it will be available?

Rachel Rossano said...

Lora (The Servant of Anavrea) might take another year or so. :( I am sorry, but it is the fourth book in the set and I probably should release them in order. The editing process on #2 (The King of Anavrea) has been moving slowly. I am optimistic about #3 (The Reward). I think it will be a quick edit.

I will definitely keep you updated as the set moves through the process. :)

solagratiasolafide said...

Oh...I guess that means I'll have to wait a little bit longer. But hey, a year isn't all that long. :) Are any of them available in book form yet?

solagratiasolafide said...

P.s. thank you for visiting me :)

Rachel Rossano said...

You're welcome. :) I love visiting.

Only book #1 (The Crown of Anavrea) is available in print and ebook right now. (

I have another book and two short stories out, also on Amazon. Wren Romany is on the brink of publishing. I am looking forward to getting my whole back list of rough drafts in print. But, some of the newer stories burning in my brain are so eager to be written. It is hard to balance the old and the new. The sweet familiar and the exciting unknown constantly battle for my time. ;)