Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome to this week's Sweet Saturday Sample. Today's sample is the last bit of a scene I have been sharing from Wren Romany over the past few weeks. If you follow my Facebook page (, you probably caught a few of my favorite quotes from Wren's novel. This week's Sweet Saturday Sample  is written from Tourth's POV and continues last week's scene. Tourth and Wren are sparring.


Round two ended with my upper arm developing a bruise and her nursing a sore finger. My muscles, weak from lack of training, ached satisfyingly. Balanced on the balls of her feet, she still looked ready for much more.
“You are holding back,” she accused.
“You forget what I have done in the past.”
Her eyes darkened slightly. “I haven’t forgotten. It was a long time ago now. You are a different man.”
“True, but instincts rear their head at inopportune times.”
I attacked this time. Pushing my size advantage, I pressed her backwards toward the opposite wall. She was difficult to pin down. Slight and quick, she darted back and forth, trying to escape my advance or at least turn me. Former training settled over me and my muscles remembered old moves. Then she tripped on the uneven stone. She went down, weapon skittering across the floor and out of her reach. Before she managed more than rolling to the side, I pinned her on the floor, wooden club against her throat. Old instinct flared, demanding the kill.
“I concede.” Her face flushed with exertion, sleek braid no longer smooth, and eyes bright. For a moment, I had an incredible urge to kiss her.
Where had that come from?
I blinked.
“Surrender. May I rise?”
“Of course,” I responded, climbing to my feet and offering her a hand up. Her slender, but capable, hand in mine did things to my chest. I struggled to regulate my breathing, suspicious the lack of oxygen was unrelated with the activity of the past hour. As soon as she gained her feet, I moved away. Distance would help.


Were they evenly matched?

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Keep checking back for more news as her story progresses toward print.


Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

This is my first excursion into Sweet Saturday Samples...what delicious reads!

Thanks for sharing...and now I want to know more.


Lindsay said...

Someone has found his match, and not in the field of battle they just left.

Sandra said...

An intriguing look into the battles in his mind!