Monday, June 4, 2012

Time for an update!

I am so overdue for a update it is shameful. *hides head*

So, what have I been doing? 


Duty has jumped to 40,893 words, which is over two thirds of the way to my 60,000 word goal. The final number is negotiable depending on how the story goes between now and the last lines, but I am still thinking 60,000 words is a reasonable expectation for this one.


Wren Romany or Wren: a Romany Epistle is edited! My final editor is going to start looking over it this week. I have talked to the publisher and we are planning a 2013 release, details to come.

Book Covers

I am working on my skills by producing some pre-made covers to sell later. So, far I have one winner and a handful of potential ideas. Still it is something to do when I am not inclined to write, but it is still writing related.

Book Trailers

Wren and Duty wait in brainstorming mode at the moment. Wren's, or rather The Romany Epistles', trailer has gotten farther toward completion. I am tweaking wording at the moment.

I completed another trailer for Joyce DiPastena. Her most recent novel Dangerous Favor was a delight to read and make into a trailer. I can't wait to read her next novel.

So, as you can see, I have been busy. :)

Next Up

I am planning on tackling editing Book Two of The Theodoric Saga in earnest. The King of Anavrea has been waiting patiently.

Also, Living Sacrifice (Zezilia and Hadrian's story) has also been weighing heavily on my mind. Written the same time as Wren, it seems only right that I finish it. At this stage, I am considered dividing my original manuscript (140,901 words) into two novels or novellas considering it is a speculative fiction work. If I do that, I will only have a 70,000 word or so novel to write to close the trilogy. That feels less overwhelming than a second 140,000 word masterpiece. I don't think I will be able to draw the overarching plots out that far without losing some of the magic. Plot twists for 70,000 words is definitely doable. :)

Diaspora still awaits plotting and researching. Oh, too many good ideas and not enough time. :)

Until Saturday,

~ Rachel Rossano


Jessica said...

The trailer is a beautiful piece of work and I am looking forward to hearing more about Wren so excited can I can barely wait to hold a copy in my hands :) And of course excited about all of your other wonderful projects too. Keep up the AMAZING WORK!


Zanna said...

Who designs your book covers?

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, Jessica. :) I am really excited about Wren too. :)

Hi Zanna, how is the writing going? I have been designing my own book covers for a bit now. Wren, since is going to be published by a publisher, will have a cover by somebody else. My Theodoric Saga's covers are already contracted with a friend, Jaimey Grant. She is a gifted and sweet person. Her website is

Zanna said...

That's cool that you do your own book covers, (I love drawing, so I was wondering who did your covers, I like to see other artists work.)

Writings going well, I've started on a book that my sister Em began, but didn't finish. (It's from a series made by her, kind of a family private joke, considering it makes fun of our family! :] )
I have ideas, characters, and worlds floating around, just need good bad guys ( can't forget that!) and motivation for very fiery characters. :)