Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Steps to Indie Publishing - Introduction

This is the first in a series of articles on indie publishing (independent publishing, self-publishing, also sometimes called vanity publishing).

The first decision any author needs to make before embarking on the journey toward publication is which route to take (traditional or independent). To make this decision, there are many factors to consider.

First, where do you want to see your book?

- If you dream of seeing your book in Barnes & Nobles across the country or displayed on your all local bookstores' shelves in paperback format, then you might want to consider the traditional publishing route.
- If you desire to get your story out there no matter the means and don't really mind if it never makes it onto the shelves of your local bookstore, you might want to consider indie publishing.

Second, how controlling are you?

- As long as your story gets out there, you don't mind it getting tweaked a bit in the process. You don't mind the cover not being exactly as you dreamed as long as it represents the book and looks professional. You don't mind someone else having a say in how your book is presented and by who. Traditional might be for you.
- Or, are you the hands on type? Everything has to be just so. You have definite ideas of how things should look, be written, or presented. You like to have a say in every aspect of the process. You like to control things. If so, indie publishing might be for you.

Third, what are you willing to invest?

-Both options require time, money, and vast amounts of effort. The main difference between them is with traditional publishing you will most likely have more guidance and support from your publisher as you move through the process. However, I have been hearing (reading) about many traditionally published authors doing much of the same work I, an independently published author, do daily.
-With indie publishing, you will have to learn everything yourself, maintain everything yourself, and think both as a creator/artist and a business person. 

There are many more aspects to consider before choosing the route to pursue toward publishing your book. Be sure to research your options and decide with care based on your personality, goals, and resources.

Come back next week to learn about the steps I take when indie publishing my novels and short stories.

- Rachel Rossano

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