Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Thank you for stopping by. Here is another excerpt from Duty, my current WIP (work in process). I am working on the last few scenes of the first draft. Written in first person from Brielle's point of view, this scene is from the morning after her wedding to Irvaine.


Chaos ruled the village center. Horses, men, gear, and a wagon commandeered from a local farmer crowded the open market square. From the back of the wagon, a small round man handed out rations to the soldiers assigned to travel with us. The charred remains of the previous night’s bond fire still smoked on the edge of the square. Hangover-shortened tempers flared as the men raised their voices to be heard over the sounds of the horses.

Village women moved among the men, new wives making sure their husbands had all their gear. Children tugged at their skirts and tangled in their feet. Half-grown boys dashed underfoot. They sought a bit of the excitement I wanted to wish away. I didn’t want to leave, but I must. I was no longer mistress of my own decisions. I belonged to another. Rubbing a soothing hand over my mount’s neck, I turned my attention to my husband.

The eye of the storm centered on Irvaine. He sat astride his stallion, dark eyes observing it all and ears tuned to the voices around him. When one of the soldiers walked by complaining about his rations, Irvaine intervened.

“You there.” He motioned the soldier over and indicated he wanted to see his provisions for the trip. After studying the bread, cheese, dried meat, and skin of ale, he sent the man on. “Brevand,” Irvaine gestured to his quartermaster. “I want to see the ration plan for the next month.”

Brevand’s chin rose. Defiance glinted in his gaze for a moment before he obeyed.

The furrows in Irvaine’s forehead deepened as he scanned the parchment. “This isn’t enough.”

“It is all we can spare.”

“The supply wagons will arrive in a matter of days.”

My gaze followed Antano as he moved through the ranks calling out names from a list of his own. When each man answered, he directed them to form ranks. However, my ears still tuned to Irvaine and Brevand’s conversation.


I hope you enjoyed it. :)
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Sandy Nachlinger said...

I enjoyed your description in this scene, especially the details about the families saying goodbye to the soldiers. Sounds like there's going to be serious conflict between Brevand and Irvaine.

Elaine Cantrell said...

I love this excerpt. The scene came alive for mr.

Lindsay said...

Great description.