Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome back! I finished the rough draft of Duty this week. As a change of pace, I am editing an older rough draft of another novel, The King of Anavrea. Pulling out old manuscripts and bringing them up to date can be painful. I am not looking forward the process, but I do need to get this book edited and published for those who have been waiting years to read it.

Today's sample is a reoccurring dream that haunt's the main character, Lirth.


A large callused hand covered her mouth so that she could not even whimper. Drawing in air through her nose, she tried to scream, but could manage only a weak squeak. Listening, she prayed, but to no avail.

“Lirth!” Joman called her name.

“Lirth, where are you?” Aarint's voice was even closer than Joman's.

“Silence, Brat,” an oily whisper instructed Lirth. Her captor's foul breath flooded her senses. The mixture of bad cheese and fish made Lirth’s stomach turn. If she lost her lunch now, she would drown in it. There was no way this man would release her mouth with her brothers so close.

“If they find us because of you, Brat, I will kill them.” The rasp of the man's voice and the stench of his sweat blocked out anything Lirth might have heard or smelled. “Don't doubt that I will. I am only going to get paid for fetching you.”

Carefully, she swallowed the lump in her throat.

“To single handedly wipe out all the heirs to the throne would be quite a feat wouldn't ya think?”

Lirth could not control the shiver that griped her spine.

“Maybe she headed home!” Lloyden, her middle brother, finally suggested. “If she was anywhere near, she would have heard us by now.”

“Wait!” Aarint's voice was so close Lirth felt she could touch him. “I think I see something.”

Her heart fell as she heard the others approaching.

“No!” Her heart screamed in agony as she heard the branches part. She felt the man shift his weight. He was going to kill her brother! She struggled but could not move. “No!” A sob shook her as her brother's scream filled her ears. “Not Aarint!”


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Lindsay said...

Great tension

Meg said...

Interesting excerpt!

samantha jacob said...

its relay different from the other stories.....

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