Saturday, August 11, 2012

Salutations from the Wasteland of Editing

I really don't like editing.

There, I admitted it. Not that it has been a secret. As much as I believe editing is a necessary and useful aspect of the publication/writing journey, I dread this stage the most. To make matters worse, I am editing more than one manuscript. *Sigh!*

So, the reason you haven't been seeing any Sweet Saturday Samples or other posts around here is because Duty and The King of Anavrea are sitting on my editing table and I am trying to avoid them and edit them at the same time. Oh, and don't forget the writing withdrawal.

I miss writing.

Okay. *prods self to sit up straight* Enough with the whining, Rachel. *clears throat*

Duty is out with my first batch of beta readers.

The King of Anavrea  is on my editing table.

Simultaneously, I am trying to select my next writing project because I miss writing. Hmm ... what shall I choose. :)

- Rachel Rossano

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