Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Steps to Indie Publishing - Step Six: Maintenance

Maintain your product and your royalties.

- Keep track of how your book appears on various websites. 
- Add a link and information about your book on all of your social media outlets. 
- Watch reviews and use the best ones to promote your book. 
- Hand out free copies to reviewers. 
- Talk about your book when you have a chance. 
- Promote when you are comfortable. 
- Keep an eye on sales. I recommend keeping an Excel spreadsheet going to keep records to compare month to month and year to year.
- Be sure to check out what you need to do on the business side (because you are a business now). You will need to file forms on the state and the federal level (in the USA). Keeping everything above board is always wise when it comes to business.

Here are some of the websites I use to keep track of my sales. - It gives you access to how your book appears on Amazon and the ability to set up your author page. - You can track your Amazon sales numbers and royalties, even download monthly spreadsheets for your records. - Access to your Smashwords and distribution numbers. - Maintaining print distribution and sales.

If you used other platforms to publish, they should have ways for you to maintain and track information. Be sure to check them periodically.

I hope this series has been helpful to you. Any questions you might have are welcome. I can't promise I can answer them, but I can try to help you.

- Rachel Rossano

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