Monday, October 1, 2012

An Update, Finally!

I apologize for my long silence. The past months have been full on both the personal and writing fronts.

In my writing life (which, of course, is your main interest), Duty is finished and almost polished. Responses from beta readers have been overwhelmingly positive. The polishing of the manuscript is almost complete. I still have some small stuff and some scenes to tweak before sending it off to my chief editor (my husband) an working on preliminary formatting.

The cover is finished and awaiting the final approval of my chief editor.

The book trailer is polished and ready for final approval. Then it will only need the links to Amazon and Smashwords to be complete.

Bookmarks are designed. Still on my design list are tote bags, posters, and a mug. Would anyone be interested in T-shirts?

Meanwhile, I am brainstorming a short story to offer as a supplement to Duty. There were some references in Duty to incidents in the character's history. I am curious about those events and the only way I am going to find out the story is to write it. So, The Sword of Korma Monroe (tentative title) will not be a romance, but a straight adventure.

In other projects, the forward momentum is slow.

White Bear, as much as I would love to just finish it, has not come easily.

I am plotting for Diaspora. I really want to explore Ruhan's home world, Domestica, and see its culture through Myah's eyes.

Any questions or comments are welcome. Keep your eyes open for Duty's cover reveal. It should be coming soon. :)

- Rachel Rossano

What is your favorite kind of book-themed keepsake?
I am a big bookmark girl. :)


Literaturelady said...

Congratulations!! I'm excited for you, and I hope the last tweaking stages go well!

You've got some great book-themed ideas. I like bookmarks too (there are eight Lord of the Rings ones on my desk), but my favorite keepsakes would probably be first a mug and then a tote bag.

Could you share pictures of all your book-themed items when you get them finished?



Rachel Rossano said...

I certainly will. :) I was toying with possibly doing a tote and a mug design. Now I will definitely do it. :)