Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

This week's selection is from one of my favorite scenes from The King of Anavrea (currently in the editing phase). Ireic Theodoric is king of Anavrea. He and his wife, Lirth are riding in an open carriage on parade through the capital city.


“We are almost done.” Ireic’s voice inches from her ear startled her into sitting straighter. “I can see the gates, but we have to stop for a moment. They are having some trouble clearing the street.” She could hear his exhaustion in his voice. Nodding so he could know that she understood, she leaned forward slightly. Something whistled past her ear followed by a muffled thump.
Ireic shouted and shoved her roughly to the floorboards. A heavy weight landed on top of her and pressed her body and face against the floor. Her nose filled with the scent of polish and aged wood. Overhead, voices rose as the tone of the crowd changed. Among them Isack cursed at the horses. Screams tore at her ears. Shrieks from the crowd set the horses into jostling the carriage. The vehicle rolled backwards and someone yelled above the mayhem “the king is dead!”
“Ireic!” she gasped.
“I am fine,” Ireic’s clipped voice assured her, inches from her ear. He was the weight on top of her. Just then something wet dripped onto her cheek. Horror tightened her chest as her nose identified the smell.
“You are bleeding,” she accused, pushing at the floor to try to get him off of her.
“Yes.” He groaned in pain as she succeeded in rolling him to one side. “It is only a scratch. It isn’t safe for you to get up.”
She ignored him and reached toward his voice. “Where is it?” She couldn’t lose him.
“Get down, Lirth! The archer is still out there and you are giving him a perfect shot.” Ireic grabbed her wrist and yanked it out from under her. Her chin struck the floor a painful crack to her jaw. “Liam!”
Someone replied, but his words were lost among the other shouts.
“Get us out of here.”
The carriage groaned and dipped as someone jumped onboard. A whip cracked and the horses lunged forward. The movement sent Lirth falling against Ireic. He grunted as she landed, but a strong arm came around her and pinned her there. “Don’t move,” he ordered fiercely. Obediently Lirth lay still, but she could not stop the pounding in her breast.
“Don’t die,” she whispered. 

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.
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Audra said...

Ahh!! I love, love, love it! I can't wait to read the rest :)

Audra said...

Ahh!! I love, love, love it! I can't wait to read the rest :)

Jaimey Grant said...

I can hardly wait to get my hands on this book! ♥

Literaturelady said...

I did enjoy the excerpt! It was exciting and tense. Ireic sounds like a noble man (as in, nobility of character; I realize that by default he belongs to the nobility class. :-) )


P.S. How is Duty coming along?

Rachel Rossano said...

*sigh of relief* Oh, I am so glad you liked it ladies. It is hard to see a novel with fresh eyes when I have been working on it so long.

Thanks, @Audra, I am hoping to get the rough draft polished into a final draft for hubby's reading by Christmas, but we shall see.

@Jaimey Grant, thanks. :) You might want to go on a man hunt for the cover model for Ireic. ;) I am hoping for a release date next year.

@Literaturelady, I am so glad you like it. Yes, Ireic is noble in every sense of the word. He tends to be a bundle of duty, restrained passion, and a heart of gold. I am enjoying spending time with him again. I want him to be happy so badly. I am looking forward to spending time with him in the next book too. ;) He is the only character who appears in all four novels, if I remember right. :)

Regarding "Duty," it is about to land in my hubby's hands, the last stage of editing before publishing. Formatting, cover, book trailer, promotional plan, and everything else is pretty much ready to go as soon as he gives the word. :) Between "Duty" and "The King of Anavrea" he is going to have a lot to read. :)

jeff7salter said...

wow. very tense with action & danger. I get the feeling that the girl is either blind or blind-folded. Am I right?

Rachel Rossano said...

Thanks, @jeff7salter. Yes, Lirth is blind. :) Good guess.

solagratiasolafide said...

Ach! You leave me hanging in suspense yet again. I should be getting used to it at this point I guess :)
I remember reading the first little bit of this when you had it on your xanga blog. But you started editing it before I could finish. I am most eagerly awaiting the print copy so I can read the rest of the story :)

Jenna said...

Action packed sample! But it got me invested in these two characters in a very short time. Well done! Sounds like a great read coming.