Monday, December 10, 2012

Update Time!

I apologize for the silence on my projects. Life has been full (no surprise), and with the holidays have filled in the cracks. Grabbing a brief breather, I decided to update you all on my progress.

Wren Romany (now titled Wren) is in the final stages before sending it off to the publisher. Why isn't it there now? Because a few small things need working out before it flies the coop. Oh, and I needed to work a bit on the cover and back blurb. Yes, the newest change in plans is I am designing the cover. Keep your eyes peeled for a cover reveal soon. :)

The King of Anavrea plods forward. I polished off the end of the first rework/rewrite/editing session last night. I will be sending the book out to a select set of beta readers soon to get their opinions and comments. This book makes me more nervous than usual for two reasons: (1) One of the central characters experiences a conversion. (2) It contains a prophetic dream as an integral part of the plot, a device I have avoided before and since. These two elements combined blur the lines between reality and fantasy more than I usually do.

Next on the agenda for The King of Anavrea, is writing the back cover blurb and tagline. I am beginning that task today.

Duty lies in waiting. The last minute details of Wren need to be worked out with my husband before Duty can transition to the last step before publication (hubby review and approval). Cover is done, blurb written, tagline polished, swag items designed, and book trailer awaits the purchase links. I even have the preliminary formatting done for print (paperback and hardback). Yeah, I am a bit eager for this one to be published. ;)

As the three novels above roll off my writing/editing task list, I am eagerly looking forward to writing again. I have two short stories in the works. Nothing impressive, just a supplementary tale to Duty (telling a story hinted at in the novel) and a fun little Regency experiment.

The big project on the horizon at the moment is Diaspora (prequel to Exchange). In preparation for writing an epic sci-fi novel, I have been enjoying a lot of SG-1 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Big things lie ahead in 2013. What are your future plans?

- Rachel Rossano


Little Lady said...

Girl! Your book covers are beautiful -- but you need to smack some of that gorgeous talent onto your blog! You are such an incredibly talented writer!!! I CANNOT wait to read Wren again! I haven't read it since you girls were posting your weekly chapters FOREVER ago! Do you know will the other books ever be published? I should tell Emily to get her butt moving on hers. lol

Much Love!

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, Little Lady. I am just beginning to play with the design end of the business. I am glad you like my book covers. If you hear of anyone needing a cover that meets my criteria, send them on over. :)

Yes, please do encourage Emily to edit Zoe. It will be hard to enjoy Aiden fully without Zoe.

I am hoping Rachel T. can get Wren out in 2013. Taerith is out in ebook. I think Rachel T. is planning on releasing it in print also. I know Charissa is polishing Aiden. The others, I am not sure about. Some are definitely never getting finished while others might after a long time yet. We shall see what the Lord has in store for them. :)