Saturday, January 12, 2013

#SweetSat and Wren's Cover Reveal

In honor of sending Wren's manuscript to the publisher, here is an excerpt and a cover reveal. I hope you enjoy them.

Heavy beams spanned the ceiling. Tables and chairs jostled for floor space. The worn edges and scarred table tops offered a welcome, well-worn atmosphere. The only occupant, a stooped old man, tended the fire. I guessed he had aged beyond his usefulness in the fields judging by his silver hair and toothless grin.
“How are you, old father?”
His grin widened. “Fair enough, my lass. Are you a looking for someone?”
I shook my head. “Simply a meal, father. I have journeyed far and I hoped to find something to fill my belly before I go seeking work.”
The wizened blue eyes scanned my attire: tunic, leather jerkin, and worn leather leggings. “And what kind of work are ya seeking, child? You don’t appear to be the serving wench type. I don’t know of what other work a lass like yourself might find.”
I smiled and slid onto a nearby bench. “I hunt well, know how to care for falcons or other birds of prey, and am not afraid of mucking a stall or caring for a horse.”
The old man’s eyebrows rose. “Surely ya don’t mean man’s work.”
“Aye, I do, father. You wouldn’t know of a lord or noble who might be interested in hiring an experienced hunter or stable hand, would you?”
He studied me. “Nay, there t'isn’t anything the likes of that about except the enforcer’s estate, but I suspect ye wouldn’t find a place there. At least not a place ye’d want. Now if Lord Iselyn were around, it t’would be a different tale.”

What do you think of the cover?

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Audra said...

I love the cover!! And I am very excited about reading Wren's story again :)) she is my absolute favorite!

Audra said...

I love the cover!! And I am very excited about reading Wren's story again :)) she is my absolute favorite!

Audra said...

I love the cover!! And I am so excited to read Wren's story again :)) Wren is my absolute favorite!

Literaturelady said...

That is a beautiful cover! I think it captures Wren's personality quite well. Congratulations on this next stage of publishing!


trojanwalls said...

This is a great cover! I really liked the cover for "word and deed", but this one's a close second. =D

Joselyn Vaughn said...

Love the cover, especially the colors.

Sandy Nachlinger said...

I enjoyed today's excerpt -- good description and dialogue. Nice cover too. Congratulations on sending the manuscript to your publisher.

Jenna said...

Nice sample! Beautiful cover. Seems to match the novel well.

Katherine Sophia said...

Oooh, so fun to see the final cover! :) It looks lovely. And how fun that it's off to the publisher now! :D

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, everyone. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I am delighted that you all like the cover. This one was a challenge. :) I will post when I know the release date.

Little Lady said...

I LOVE the cover, and of course I cannot wait to read the newly edited version of the book! Of course I read it when you were writing it way back then, but I'm excited to read it all over again!

Jaimey Grant said...

I love the cover and your choice of excerpt. I look forward to grabbing a copy of this when it's released. ♥