Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Complex Man

When I began writing Duty: a novel of Rhynan, my heroine was half formed, the plot inspiration vague, but one thing was clear from the moment he spoke the first line of the book, my hero was Lord Irvaine. He gave me no name, only a title. He refused to tell me his past. Brielle had to piece that together herself. From the moment he took off his helmet to answer Brielle's accusation in the first pages of the book, he held my complete fascination.
“Look in my face, Lady Solarius, and see the truth. I take no joy from this task. But I am a loyal soldier. I do as my master bids.”
Brielle took longer to warm to him, but I was hooked.

I think part of writing a good romance is to really enjoy the characters. I admire Irvaine, want him to have a happy ending, and enjoy every moment of the journey between the first words and the last. So, I am delighted to share more about him with those of you who haven't met him yet.

Tomas Dyrease, Earl of Irvaine

What does he look like?

He is a big, weathered looking man with almost black hair graying at the temples and unusually dark and intense eyes. Used to keeping alive by the strength of his sword arm and the speed of his reactions, he keeps himself in peak physical condition. His body is covered in scars from his years as a soldier. He controls his facial expressions so that many cannot guess what he is thinking.

How old is he?

Twenty-nine, he is middle aged by the standards of his culture and projected life span.

In three words, what kind of personality does he have?

Direct, intelligent, humble

What is his favorite season or type of weather?

He prefers fall and spring when marching or riding in full military gear in the wide open is possible without sweating oneself into dehydration or weathering freezing wind.

What are his favorite clothes? 

A comfortable tunic held down by his favorite belt and sword, leggings, sturdy and worn boots. He is a simple man with simple needs.

Is he musical?

Although he loves to listen to music, he doesn’t play an instrument. However he does enjoy singing and has a pleasantly full baritone.

Does he have any annoying habits?  Any habits at all?

He tends to only communicate what is necessary and nothing more. His standard operation is to treat everyone as another soldier. Though, he tries to break that habit.

What do other characters think about him?

Lord Dentin warns, “He is always the dutiful man, sometimes to a fault.” Brielle describes him as “kind, generous, loyal, honorable“ and points out that he demands of his men no more than he gives. His mother says he is “a great man for the important decisions, but he forgets to share all the extra bits.” Sir Jorndar refers to him as “Tomas the mongrel.” Antano points out, “Irvaine knows the wisdom of not feeding his regrets.”

What do you think? Is this a man you would like to get to know? 

Duty: a novel of Rhynan
by Rachel Rossano

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