Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birth of a Novel: editing the words


This blog series following the creation of Duty from idea to print book is part of an experiment. The first installment was Birth of a Novel: the starting point.

After a preliminary edit/read through by myself, I sent the novel out to a number of trusted readers. A selection of volunteers, they picked over the manuscript looking for everything from typos to plot issues. I am greatly indebted to these women. They spotted so many things I had missed. Their efforts pushed me to make the story even better than it was before.

Once all the beta readers’ comments were in, I spent hours going over the novel again. Changing tweaking, and polishing until it shone.

The final step was my husband. He reads everything I publish. Although he isn’t my target audience, he is my toughest audience. With a sharp eye, he questions everything and pokes at every loose thread. It is uncomfortable, but good for me. He has spotted issues I and others have missed simply because he is not the target audience. I think my work is significantly better because of his efforts, aggravating as they are to go through. J

Question: Would you let your spouse read your writing/read your favorite books?


Kendra E. Ardnek said...

I'm not married yet (and have no man in sight) but my final editor is my mom ... and she's brutal, so I completely understand.

Shanna Hatfield said...

Love that your husband is your final proofreader! That is so awesome!

Rachel Rossano said...

Kendra, It sounds like you have a very good editor in your mother. :)

Thanks, Shanna. :) There are days I wish he wasn't, but on the whole I wouldn't have it any other way. :)