Saturday, March 2, 2013

#SweetSat Sample - Diaspora

Welcome to this week's Sweet Saturday Sample. I apologize for my lack of a submission last week. Life and Duty's book release have been keeping me extremely busy. 

Today's excerpt starts where the previous one left off. On the distant Scyilica mining outpost, two diplomatic parties are beginning introductions. The Diasporian people were exiled from Earth many generations before. The Earth diplomats are seeking to open negotiations for goods and access to planets within the Diasporian Empire.

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The front man stepped forward with a casual dignity that brought to mind his ancient African ancestors. He offered the formal Diasporian greeting of inner wrist to forehead with a small bow. He towered over all of us. I would guess he and his escort stood at least six four. His shaved head gleamed in the dim overhead lighting except for a web-like scar sprawled across his forehead.

His companion boasted a full head of black hair. The familial resemblance between the two was strong, brothers or at least close cousins.

“About time we finally meet face to face,” Doctor Overan replied. He stepped forward and offered an open hand for shaking. “The name is Doctor Jaynden Overan, but you can call me Jay.”

Panic and anger straightened my spine. The Diaspora considered physical touch between strangers extremely rude. I made that fact expressly clear in my summary of social protocols. Extending a hand to be shaken equated a marriage proposal.

Yet, the Diaspora representative’s response baffled me more. He looked at me. No smile. No frown. It was simply an assessing glance before turning to introduce his companion.

Doctor Overan’s hand remained unshaken.

“This is my brother, Captain Ramend Pierero, first captain of a fleet of thousands. His men escorted your ship through the asteroid belt on the way here.”

“A military man,” the admiral exclaimed.

“No, sir.” Captain Pierero responded with more emphasis than politely acceptable. “I am a free enterpriser. I take orders from no man save the High Emperor Esteemed.” His chin rose and the corner of his mouth twisted slightly.

The first Diaspora man suppressed a smile as well.


My question for those of you who have read Exchange, do you recognize these two?

Do you want more?

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