Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Update and Progress Report!

I am checking in on my progress toward my annual goals for 2013.

Weekly Goals:

  • I am not really managing to grab at least four hours of writing/editing time a week, but I am working on improving that beginning this week. The characters from Diaspora are in my head and campaigning for me to write their story. Look for more writing progress statuses on Rachel Rossano Rambles Facebook page soon.
  • I haven't really managed to blog on here two times a week but I am trying to keep up with Sweet Saturday Samples. (Not very well the past two weeks, though.)

Annual Goals:

  • Publish Wren - Last check (sending a new email later this week) the release is tentatively set for August 2013. There is tons to do before then and I am still recovering from the recent release. Which brings us to the next point...
  • Publish Duty - Done! Available in ebook (Smashwords, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple is coming soon), paperback, large-print paperback, and hardcover. Reviews are welcome!
  • The King of Anavrea (The Theodoric Saga Book Two) - This one is in the beta readers' hands. I recieved feedback from two of them, but I am waiting on the rest before I sit down to tackle the revisions. Then it will be off to the editor and chief (my husband). There is a high risk of a revision list from him. We shall see.
  • The Reward (The Theodoric Saga Book Three) - This one flew through editing. There was little I needed to change, except the heroine's hair color. I kept envisioning her as blond and was pulled out of the story when I came across references to her dark hair. Oops. Next stage is beta readers.
  • Finish writing Isbet’s Disgrace - I haven't touched it in a while. I need to pick it back up.
  • Finish writing The Sword of Korma Monroe, a short story addendum to Duty - Um, yeah, I still plan on finishing this story, but Lord Dentin is getting his own book, so the urgency isn't as great.
  • World build, plot, and begin writing Diaspora - Working on this one, but it isn't coming easily. Don't worry. I don't give up easily. ;)
  • NEW ITEM - Sequel to Duty! 2,147 words in and it is flying. We shall see what Lord Dentin's story has in store for us. :)

- Rachel Rossano

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