Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Medieval Word Wednesday - Bailey
Bailey - An enclosed courtyard. (

I used this term frequently when describing the vargar (castle) at Kyrenton in Duty: a novel of Rhynan. That vargar (castle) had an inner and outer bailey.

The word's meaning hasn't changed much over the years. However, it has become a surname and decently popular first name for both genders ( Though there its meaning is sited as "Bailiff, Steward."

What do you think of the word as a name? 
Does it sound like a girl name or a boy name?


Jenna said...

I think it sounds like a boy's name, but the only Bailey I've met is the little girl down the street. LOL

Rachel Rossano said...

Me too, Jenna. But, I have also met at least one Bailey who was a girl. :)