Saturday, April 20, 2013

#SweetSat - Another Sample from The Sword of Korma Monroe

I wrote the final lines of The Sword of Korma Monroe late Thursday night. At 6,850 words, it is one of my shortest short stories. Now I shall have to let it sit for a few days before I start the editing process. Now I can return to writing Honor and continuing Lord Dentin's story.

For this week's sample, I shall continue where I left off last week. The POV is Korma's. I hope you enjoy it. :)


My protest that we had not settled on a price died in my throat as the tent flap was thrust aside. Lon strode through with Kort on his heels.

“I told you, Kort. They were hiding her.”

“Where is the sword, wench.” Kort stalked toward me, balling his fists as he came.

I backed up, instinctively reaching for my hip, but my fingers met nothing but air.

Lord Dentin stepped into Kort’s path and placed a hand on in the center of the man’s chest. “You have no business here.” Despite their similar height, Kort easily weighed twenty pounds more.

Kort swatted Dentin’s hand away and tried to shove him aside. “She is mine.”

Dentin widened his stance. Catching the larger man’s arm, Dentin used Kort’s forward momentum to throw him onto one of the cots. The wood groaned and gave way in a shower of splinters and wood. Kort bellowed in pain.

Lon launched himself at Dentin. At the last possible moment, Dentin stepped aside. Lon ran straight into the center support pole. The tent shook around us, but Lon rebounded, stumbling backwards out the tent door. He reappeared a moment later, practically dangling from Major Dyrease’s grip.

“Lost something?”


Did you enjoy it?

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Audra said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Audra said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Elaine Cantrell said...

Suspense filled excerpt, and I liked your trailer.

Sarah said...

What fun! I do love it when the underdog manages to get the upper hand!

Jenna said...

Loved the action in this excerpt! But I want more! When is this coming out?

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, Audra! I am delighted you enjoyed it so much. :)

Elaine - Thank you. The whole short story is suspenseful. :) There was so much going on that I finished with a feeling like I forgot something. I am sure I did. Hopefully I will catch it in the editing phase. :) I am glad you liked the trailer. :)

Sarah - Dentin has a way of always managing to come out on top, but he isn't always so graceful doing it. ;) Korma, on the other hand, has to fight for every inch she gains.

Jenna - Thank you. I am hoping soon, but it matters how quickly I get the editing done.

Lindsay said...

Love the last line

Rachel Rossano said...

Me too, Lindsay. :)