Saturday, April 27, 2013

#SweetSat - Excerpt from Duty

Welcome! Here is a bit from Duty: a novel of Rhynan for your Sweet Saturday Sample. Brielle (the POV character) and her husband are preparing her for battle.


We were arguing over the necessity of armoring me from the waist down when Rathenridge arrived with his wife’s padded jerkin.

“I see you two have made up.” He glanced between us a few times. Tomas glared at him, but my cheeks warmed beneath his teasing grin.

“Thank you for the jerkin.” I began pulling it on over the mail. I felt as though I carried double my weight in gear already. Thankfully the jerkin weighed less than I expected. I was struggling with the tapes when Tomas approached with a helmet. I eyed the thing warily. “Must I?”

“If you want to keep your head, you will.”

“Are you going to lop it off for her if she doesn’t wear it?” Rathenridge asked as I put the metal can over my head. “That monstrosity is too large for her. She won’t be able to see a thing and we will spend half our time stopping her from running into walls. Here–” He tossed a smaller and lighter helmet to me. “This one is functional and fashionable. I hear it is all the rage to wear helmets like these in the capital this winter.”

“Leave off, Aiden. That thing won’t stop anything. It is too light.”

I ignored him and exchanged the helmets. As I hoped, Rathenridge’s choice didn’t obscure my vision nearly as much.

“I prefer this one.”

I expected Tomas to protest. Instead he demanded, “Why?”

“Visibility, and the weight doesn’t hurt my neck. Besides, it fits the shape of my head better.”
He frowned, but took his choice from where I had set it. “If a head blow kills her, Aiden, I am hunting you down.”

“If a head blow kills her, I suspect you will do more than that,” Aiden replied with surprising severity.


Which helmet would you prefer?

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Today's excerpt is from Duty: a novel of Rhynan.
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Sarah said...

Interesting. A good, strong to keep her vision clear. I imagine with the heavier helmet she'd take it off soon as fight in it.

Jenna said...

A helmet must fit the head in order to be effective. The lighter construction makes for better mobility, but less protection. A trade-off, but if visibility is an issue in the heavier one, she's better going with the one giving her the advantage of sight.

I'm really loving these excerpts! can't wait to see her fight!

elaine Cantrell said...

I love a strong heroine. The Enchanted my new book, is coming out in May, and your heroine reminds me of mine in that she chooses to fight and not sit around waiting to be saved.

Rachel Rossano said...

That was my thoughts too, Sarah. :)

Thank you, Jenna. I spent most of the second half of writing that book eager to see her in action myself. :) I love strong female characters.

Thank you, Elaine. I will keep a look out for The Enchanted. :) It sounds like my kind of book. :)