Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Medieval Word Wednesday - Archery

Archery terms are the theme of the day thanks to The Scriptorium (

arrowsmith - maker of arrowheads

broadhead - wide arrowhead with a sharpened edge used mainly for harassing horses at a distance
bodkin - long, sharply pointed arrowhead designed to concentrate all the power of the arrow into a single point to open mail or puncture plate armour

fletcher - maker of the arrow shaft including applying the feathers to the shaft
fletchings - the feathers on an arrow, usually, in medieval times, glued and bound on

quarrel - short square headed bolt or arrow used in a crossbow

longbow - traditional, especially Welsh and English, bow. Usually made from a single bough of yew and usually the height of the archer plus a fistmeile

pavise - large free-standing shield used primarily by crossbowmen

For clarification, a fistmeile is "a measurement derived from making a fist with the thumb raised. The distance between the lower part of the little finger and the tip of the thumb."

Now, I challenge you to use at least three 
of those terms in a sentence.

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