Saturday, May 25, 2013

#SweetSat - Honor (continued from last week)

A few of those who commented on last week's #SweetSat post requested that I not leave them hanging. Just for them, I am going to share more of the same scene from my current WIP Honor.

For those of you who are coming in fresh this week, the section is presented from Lord Dentin's POV. The setting is the outer courtyard of Sir Rathenridge's vargar (castle). Elsa and Barack are sister and brother.


“That is all behind us, Elsa.” (Barack waved away his sister's concern.)

“How can you say that?” She glared at him. “Father hasn’t found a way to make up for the money you lost last June. Sir Konry agreed to overlook your conduct with his daughter, but only barely. One wrong move from you and he will bring you up on charges of–”

“Aren’t you the slightest bit glad to see me?” He spun away from her and came face to face with me. The pathetic pout on his face melted into suspicion. “Who are you?”

Before I could dress the man down for haranguing his sister in such a public manner, Elsa intervened. Laying a hand tentatively on my arm, she rendered me temporarily silent.

“Lord Dentin, may I introduce you to my brother, Barack Reeve? Barack, this is the Earl of Dentin.”
At least the boy had the presence of mind to offer me a bow, albeit a sloppy one. “Please to meet you, my lord.” He extended an arm in the direction of his traveling companion. “May I introduce my friend and soon to be brother-in-law, Wilard Naron.”

I nodded to Naron. “We have met before.”

It would be dangerous not to know of the man. His father controlled a quarter of the business interests in the capital, plus many larger enterprises across the nation. It was rumored their family was the richest in the whole country. But I didn’t recall there being a daughter in the family for Barack to wed.

“I say, Barack,” Naron protested. “Isn’t that a bit preemptive?”

“What have you done?” Elsa’s face flushed but she kept her expression guarded.

“Surely you see? Marry Wilard here and all our troubles will be over.”


How do you think Elsa is going to respond? 
Will she agree?

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Honor will be the sequel to Duty.
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Elaine Cantrell said...

A tense situation! I don't think she should marry anyone without loving them.

Rachel Rossano said...

I think she would agree with you wholeheartedly, Elaine. :)

Joselyn Vaughn said...


Patricia Kiyono said...

Oh dear. I think Barak has just made things even worse.

Sarah Scheele said...

I like to read stories from the beginning--I tend to get lost if random sections are given. But I'm loving the atmosphere of this story. :)

Gracie said...

He seems a very insensitive brother...
Elsa's smart.I'm sure she'll find her way out of the situation with a little help, haha :)